Geno Hayes Practices Days After Arrest

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Once again Geno Hayes makes news tonight, and that's because the former Madison High Cowboy is on the field.

This past Friday morning WCTV reported that weakside linebacker Hayes along with injured fullback Joe Surratt were arrested across from Florida State after an altercation at a bar.

Both players were immediately suspended, yet Geno Hayes practiced with the Noles, the first practice after the incident. While Surratt is charged with a felony and will not be allowed to compete as a Seminole until university and athletic department reinstatement conditions are met.

However, for Geno Hayes, who is facing misdemeanors, according to FSU's Code of Conduct Policy... The Head Coach will handle the situation after reviewed by the Director of Athletics.

This was the response tonight at FSU's football practice.

Fellow linebacker Marcus Ball said, "No Geno practiced today. Yeah he practiced today so like I said I don't know the whole story, don't nobody know the whole story. We hoping for the best. He's staying prayed up. We wish for the best. We're just trying not to slow down. More then likely, he'll be out there."

Head Coach Bobby Bowden added, "I'm not going to talk about that. I'll tell ya all about it Wednesday."

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