A Brother's Connection

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Wakulla hasn't forgotten about a Florida Class 5A Regional Semifinal loss to Godby. The Cougars won 14-7 and went on to win the state title. Let's be frank, can this be the year of the War Eagle? A pair of brothers say yes.

It all starts with Feleipe, a sophomore at quarterback, Jordan, a senior at wide receiver. The pair throw and catch 100 balls a day.

"Anytime I need to go to someone I can, my eyes open to him, anytime I'm in trouble," Feleipe said.

"Brother connection, I guess. Know when to do stuff, change the plays, make the team better, play better," Jordan said.

They know the play without saying a word.

"It's a look because we throw all the time in the yard so its a look, a little eye contact ," Jordan said.

The Franks brothers are inseprabale, on and off the field.

"We do everything together. When we're at the house we're together, we go somewhere we're together, we're always together," Jordan said.

So who's the leader of this dynamic duo"

"Jordan Franks, that'd be me," a laughing Jordan said.

I know he's older brother, but who's taking charge in that huddle?

"Of course me, yes sir," a smiling Feleipe said.

How do you keep little brother in check?
"Beat him up," a laughing Jordan said.

"A lot of times when we're just joking it's around the house or when we're going places or something but we know when we come out here to the football field it's all seriousness," Feleipe said.

Big brother isn't Feleipe's only option.

"Naturally he is my brother but I have other options like Knight or Gavin, but naturally my option is to go to him," Feleipe said.

War Eagles beleive big things are to come for the program.

"He was a freshman last year so he had a lot to learn but this year he know's what he's doing he's more settled down so he has more opportunities, big opportunity this year to win a state championship," Jordan said.

They'll always be brothers but who knows, maybe they''ll be teammates at the next level.

"he has a lot of offers and big offers and I'm getting looked at a lot at tiHht end so it would be pretty cool to play for the same team at the next level," Jordan said.

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