The NFL Draft: A Proud Dad

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Tallahassee's BJ daniels was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers. His family full of excitement, but leading up to the point of getting drafted, very stressful. Just ask BJ's dad Bruce.

"It was kind of surreal. We had two teams lined up that we thought were going to call his name which was Seattle and Philadelphia. We figured if they are sending guys there it must mean something," Bruce Daniels said.

The Daniels Family didn't expect BJ to get drafted on day one, but they believed some team would come calling on day two or three.

"So we're kind of watching that draft board go and go and every time. Seattle would come up, we were like yeah yeah here it is, now's the time. It didn't happen. Then Philadelphia would come up there and we'd say now's the time. It didn't happen. And so everytime a round would come around with Seattle or Philadelphia would have a pick we'd get elated, oh here it come here it come well it didnt happen," Daniels said.

Rounds are now going by. Teams are callingto let BJ now he's still on their board, but all of a sudden the draft is now in the 7th and final round and his name has yet to be called. A frustrated BJ leaves the room.

"About two seconds later we see his name flash on the screen that San Francisco had picked him and we were like yeah okay here it is it finally happened and for some reason when his name flashed across the screen his name was like the biggest name on the screen. It was like no other name on there but his. BJ Daniels, South Florida, San Francisco 49ers. It was just a great experience. I can't explain that feeling, I'll never forget that feeling," Daniels said.

And last question who cried more you or mom.

"Mom, my boo-hoo, she cried and I think she's still crying," Daniels said.

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