Advanced Technology Chip Measures a Lifetime of Head Impacts

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The GForcetracker (GFT), an advanced linear g-force and rotational monitoring system has announced its official launch into the marketplace. The GFT is a fully programmable detection device worn inside of a helmet that accumulates a lifetime of impacts to the head. The one-of-a-kind device monitors, measures and provides vital statistics such as number of impacts, severity of impacts, local alarming when the impact exceeds an acceptable threshold and accumulates this data to provide key metrics that determine whether its user has suffered a possible head injury. The GFT is the only device with this level of sophistication that can be sold to a parent for monitoring their child individually, and or can also be used in a team monitoring situation.

“We have designed a tracking device that re-creates the impact and allows you to measure and accumulate a lifetime of impacts,” said co-founder Gerry Iuliano, “We are recreating the impacts from a linear and rotational perspective and making sure we are monitoring those over the lifetime of the player and or the employee—essentially, we are collecting data to develop your gforce impact DNA.”

“There are protocols that are going in place across the country to remove an athlete from the field of play if a possible concussion is suspected,” said co-founder Paul Walker, “How is a coach or athletic trainer supposed to determine this from just watching the activity on the field? It’s far too subjective and frankly not fair to put them in this position without giving them a tool to help determine the magnitude and severity of an impact, or several impacts over an entire game. That’s what the GFT does.”

Created by former athletes Gerry Iuliano and Paul Walker, the GFT also monitors and measures key data during Return to Play (RTP). The device is equipped with the RTP interlock feature that will flash an LED light once the gforce exceeds the threshold; a light that cannot be stopped by the player. All of this vital information is made available to practitioners, trainers, therapists, coaches, parents and more.
“It’s a generational change,” said co-founder Paul Walker, “Head trauma is the only injury to your body that you can’t see. Doctors need help to analyze what is going on and we provide them, not only with data about one hit, but hits over a lifetime. This information can be used by doctors to help determine whether someone has been potentially concussed and how much damage was done by the nature of each hit.“

"The possibilities are endless,” Walker added, “Our proprietary software stores an athletes impact data in the cloud and with the appropriate password it can be accessed from any computer in the world. Imagine the doctors in the emergency ward being able to see in real time the elements of the hit, and any previous hits that the concussed athlete is trying to explain. Imagine the possibilities with tele-medicine or video medicine, whereby you have access to some of the leading neurologists in the country or the world, and they have access to your lifetime of impact data in real time. We are enhancing the way concussions are treated.”

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The gForce Tracker™ (GFT) measures movement along three distinct planes to give you accurate information on the g-forces that athletes take. The GFT can be attached to, or embedded in head gear for helmeted and un-helmeted sports. This technology is small, durable, allows you track a lifetime of impacts in real-time. This system was created to provide athletic organizations with a tool that supports training, recuperation, and return to play efforts. Our aim is to create a system that could compile crucial data, gathered from various athletes across a wide range of sporting activities. This information would go towards supporting research that aims to better understand head injuries and serves to benefit athletic organizations and the medical community at large.