Age Old Question; Should Student Athletes Be Paid?

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Tallahassee, FL -- The NCAA is made up of over 1,100 institutions and 400,000 student athletes. and each year universities bring in billions of dollars in sports revenue, over six billion just between football and mens basketball. Football coaches are making record salaries now and TV deals are the highest they have ever been but the question that is always brought up, should the students be paid?

NCAA President Mark Emmert Ph.D. says,

"There is absolutely no support anywhere in any collegiate athletics in any university with any president, any A.D., for paying players."

Dr. Emmert became the NCAA President in October of 2010 and does believe that Division One schools should be allowed to give players a $2,000 stipend to help cover expenses of college.

Emmert adds, "The proposal on the table right now is to have that be a ceiling at 2,000 dollars. It could be less for some schools, their full cost of attendance might be less than 2,000 dollars, but never to exceed 2,000 dollars but that would be a conference and institutional decisions to how high they want to go."

While scholarships are offered, the argument is that players come from all types of financial backgrounds.

"I do believe that you do have a lot of youngsters who are in need and I like the idea that we are probe in trying to find a way to just give them some kind of stipend," adds Leonard Hamilton, FSU Men's Head Basketball Coach. "I like the fact that we're looking at it. How we're going to work it out to where it's equitable for everyone still remains to be seen."

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