An Inside Look at FSU's Indoor Practice Facility

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By Matt Galka
August 8, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - People said that the idea of starting construction on Florida State's indoor practice facility in November of 2012 and having it ready for the 2013 season was a little more than ambitious. Well, that goal was reached when the Seminoles hit the new field turf on Tuesday.

"It's something everybody's proud of, even the people in Westcott are calling down and saying 'hey, when are you guys going to have an open house?' so everyone's anxious to see it," said Rob Wilson with FSU's Media and Public Relations department.

Early returns on the 90,000 square foot facility are pretty darn good.

"Oh my goodness! I mean, I love it! It's like AC outside, which is really shocking to me, to have AC outside, you can feel the air, it's just a great feeling to have something like that, it's a privilege," said junior defensive back Karlos Williams.

The privately funded $15 million dollar facility in the shadow of Doak Campbell features field turf. There's real grass outside. Just for good measure, the goal posts aren't magically held in the air, they're suspended from the ceiling, just so it's one less thing to run into.

But obviously the most important thing is the roof. On days like Thursday when we have downpours, the 'Noles can still get all their work in.

"I like going in there, soon we'll practice in there, because you know Tallahassee weather, it's always changing, so it'll be raining sometime soon and we'll be in there," said senior defensive back Terrance Brooks.

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