FSU QB Jameis Winston Won't Face Charges [READ DOCUMENTS]

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By Julie Montanaro
December 6, 2013

The state attorney released nearly 250 pages from the Jameis Winston case file this afternoon.

The documents include police reports, dna results, text messages, tweets, and more collected in the just-closed sexual battery investigation.

The documents show the state attorney tried to review surviellance video from Pot Belly's where Winston and the woman met the night of the alleged assault, but the video had been recylced months earlier.

The documents also show the state attorney tried to find the cab driver who drove Winston and his accuser from Pot Belly's to Winston's Chapel Drive apartment that night, but had no luck.

The documents also show one of Winston's friends recorded a portion of the sexual encounter on his cell phone that night, but later deleted it and discarded the phone.

Text messages retrieved from the accuser's phone the night of December 7 show a woman in clear distress.

A text to a friend at 11:49 the next morning says "I have to talk to you. I spent all night in the hospital."

A text four minutes later says "I got raped. I don't want to text about it. My parents are here."

When the friend asked how they got there so fast, the woman texted back "My dad went like 100 the whole way here at 4 in the morning."

The state attorney announced Thursday that FSU quarterback Jameis Winston would not face any criminal charges in the case and deemed it case closed.

Winston's attorney called it "a one night stand" Thursday and maintains it was a consensual encounter.

By: Matt Galka
December 5, 2013

Tallahassee, FL -- State Attorney Willie Meggs said that the case involving FSU quarterback Jameis Winston and an investigation into sexual battery claims was done Thursday. No one will be charged in the case that was originally brought to police almost one year ago.

Meggs didn't criticize the Tallahassee Police Department's handling of the case, but he didn't say it was perfect, either.

"I think we could have identified the suspect in the case, a lot earlier, had certain things been done," said Meggs while standing in front of dozens of reporters and cameras.

Meggs also never said Winston was innocent.

"We came to the decision that it was not a case that we could bring forward, because we would not have the burden of proof, the probable cause, and the reasonable likelihood of a conviction," he said.

Documents released Thursday included two witness statements provided by two other Florida State football players - Chris Casher and Ronald Darby. Casher and Darby both claimed to see the accuser and Winston engaging in a consensual sex act, with Casher stating "from what I saw, she was a more than willing participant."

"He said, she said, that is not this case. We have eyewitnesses that were there, we have lab and DNA evidence that contradict some of her allegations," said Tim Jansen, the attorney for Jameis Winston.

He held his press conference about an hour after the state attorney ended his announcement. Winston wasn't there, but Jansen said the quarterback was in good spirits.

"He was relieved, gave me a hug, said thank God it's over," said Jansen.

Jansen wasn't completely satisfied with the investigation.

"I think it was correctly handled, I wish it would have been closed the first time, I don't know why it wasn't. But I don't think you should fault Jameis because TPD maybe didn't do everything they should have on the front end," said Jansen.

In the midst of everything, Winston supporters gathered outside of the courthouse to rejoice in the decision and hopefully revel in what they think could be a championship season.

"After the DNA evidence I was a little startled, I thought something might come from it, we might not have him anymore. As a fan it was stressful at some points, but it's relieving now," said fan Peter Cude.

December 5, 2013
Jameis Winston Statement

“I want to thank my family, friends, coaches and teammates for standing by me during a difficult time. I also want to thank the State Attorney’s Office for examining all of the facts and reaching a decision in a conclusive manner. It’s been difficult to stay silent through this process, but I never lost faith in the truth and in who I am. I’m very relieved I’ll be able to continue my education at Florida State and I’m excited I can now get back to helping our team achieve its goals.”

December 5, 2013

Statement from Patricia Carroll, attorney for accuser:

The victim and her family appreciate the State Attorney’s efforts in attempting to conduct a proper investigation after an inordinate delay by the Tallahassee Police Department.

The victim in this case had the courage to immediately report her rape to the police and she relied upon them to seek justice.

The victim has grave concerns that her experience, as it unfolded in the public eye and through social media, will discourage other victims of rape from coming forward and reporting.

December 5, 2013
By Julie Montanaro

"No charges will be filed versus anyone in this case,".State Attorney Willie Meggs announced Thursday.

State Attorney Willie Meggs said after 13 days of interviews and investigation there was simply not enough evidence to prove the sexual assault allegations against FSU quarterback Jameis Winston.

"I know there was a sexual event that occurred and one party said it was not consensual and apparently the other side said it was," Meggs said. "That's our job to figure out if we had a forceful act and we did not feel we had sufficient evidence to go forward and bring the case to trial."

Meggs said two things made prosecution problematic. The victim had memory lapses and a rape kit indicated DNA from two men.

"One was identified as being Winston's DNA and the other one was unknown," Meggs said. He says that would have been a problem in a sexual battery case. He said they ultimately determined the second DNA donor was the woman's boyfriend and got the lab results to prove it.

State Attorney Willie Meggs says there is no indication she knew Winston before the night of December 7th.

Meggs rebuffed suggestions that his office is taking it easy on FSU athletes.

"I have not been pressured," Meggs said.

He stopped short of criticizing Tallahassee Police for their handling of the investigation.

"Obviously it would have been somewhat better if we had all gotten involved a little earlier but we were involved beginning on November 13th and we've worked hand and glove since then," Meggs said.

The FSU student reported a sexual battery on December 7, 2012 and named Winston as a suspect about a month later.

Just released police reports say the woman was drinking at Potbellies and found herself in a cab with a "random guy" that she had "never met."

An affidvait says she wound up at a ground floor apartment and the man started undressing her. She claims she told her attacker to stop and tried to fight him off.

Tallahassee Police reports issued after the announcement include a handwritten statement from the accuer. She says "I kept telling him to stop but he took all my clothes off ...he started having sex with me."

They also inlcude witness statements from Winston's friends who were in the apartment that night. Both said the door to the bedroom was cracked. Both claimed they could see the woman giving Winston oral sex and when one of them walked in, he claims the woman told him to get out, then she got up and closed the door behind him.

As soon as the announcement was made that no charges would be filed, Winston fans started showing up at the Leon County courthouse - to hail the decision which means winston will remain on the field for FSU.

"He's been scrutinized 24 hours a day and I'm just happy that the facts are out. We'll learn more and more as the facts are released and he can move on and go on with his life," FSU student Zach Smith said.

By: WCTV Eyewitness News

The Tallahassee Police Department has released the complete case file in the Jameis Winston alleged sexual battery case.

Jameis Winston has NOT been charged.

By: Matt Galka
December 5, 2013, 12:45pm

Sources inside the State Attorney's office confirm to WCTV that no charges will be brought against Jameis Winston in the alleged sexual battery case.

By: Matt Galka
December 5, 2013, 1pm

Tallahassee, FL -- WCTV has obtained the probable cause affidavit for the search warrant issued in the investigation involving FSU quarterback Jameis Winston.

The search warrant was signed January 16th in 2013.

The search warrant describes an account from the victim stating that she and her friends went out on December 6th, 2012 to the bar Potbelly's.

The document goes on to say that the victim said she had about "5-6 shots" at the bar. Her memory becomes "very broken from that point forward."

According to the document, the alleged victim said she "remembered entering an apartment on the ground floor." The alleged victim goes on to say that "she remembers the male taking off her clothes" and engaging in sex with her as "she told him to stop and tried to fight him off."

The document continues with the accuser saying that "at some point another black male with dreads came into the room and told (the male) to stop. The suspect led the victim into the bathroom where he completed the act."

"Her next memory is the suspect dressing her then putting her on a black scooter. She told him where he lived and he dropped her off at the intersection of Call and Stadium. The victim has no idea where the incident occurred.

The document concludes with stating that the "victim sent multiple text messages immediately following the above incident." The purpose of the search warrant was to obtain the content of those texts.

An announcement from the State Attorney about the case is expected at 2 p.m. WCTV will be streaming the press conference live.

WCTV Eyewitness News

The investigation involving FSU QB Jameis Winston is over, and a decision on if he will be charged will come this afternoon.

The announcement will come just hours before the FSU football team leaves for the ACC Championship game.

Jameis Winston's attorney, Tim Jansen, has also announced that he will be meeting with the media directly following the press conference.

WCTV will have numerous reporters at the press conference and will be streaming our coverage LIVE online, as well as on TV.

If you don't have access to a television, CLICK HERE to watch LIVE online.

By: Garin Flowers
December 5, 2013

It's now been three weeks since Tallahassee police re-activated the investigation into an alleged sexual assault involving Jameis Winston.

State Attorney Willie Meggs said he will announce what he's decided Thursday at 2 p.m. Winston's attorney Tim Jansen reacts to the news.

"I think the public wants this resolved, I think the whole community does," he said.

"I am hoping that Mr. Meggs or someone from his office will contact me prior to the 2 o' clock meeting. Hopefully they'll inform me an idea of what their decision is."

Florida State students we spoke with said they are glad the investigation into the star Quarterback is finally over.

"I feel like he learned his lesson, whether or not he did it, I'm not sure, but at the same time I do see him growing and maturing," said Jacques Jean-Pierre.

"I hope no crime was committed, I'm just glad it will come to an end and we can move forward whatever the outcome is," said Jason Battaglia.

"We just hope that he doesn't get charged and that everything goes well," said Kate Skrypek.

Winston has not commented on the case since the story broke.

However, Jansen confirmed he will speak after Megg's press conference.

"Mr. Winston's goal is to address the media once the case is closed. We'd like to get this resolved, that's why I'm hoping that we can do a press conference after Mr. Meggs and before he gets on the plane," Jansen said.

Jansen tells us his press conference with Winston will occur at 7 p.m. at Hotel Duval.

By: Julie Montanaro
December 4, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - The State Attorney's Office says that the sexual assault investigation involving FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston has finished.

State Attorney Willie Meggs will announce results of the investigation at 2pm Thursday.

By: Mike Vasilinda
December 2, 2013

No news is good news for the FSU football team when it comes to the investigation into sexual assault allegations made against star quarterback Jameis Winston. The team leaves for a conference championship game on Thursday, and it is unlikely the case will be resolved before they leave.

The State’s Attorney says the investigation and the allegations of sexual assault involving FSU quarterback Jameis Winston, is to get ready for a decision.

“We just have a few things left that we feel like we need to do and we’re working on them, presently. Well you know, I’d hate to set a time table. I don’t know when you’re dependent on other people,” says Willie Meggs, State’s Attorney (2nd Judicial Circuit).

The state attorney says he still has questions waiting for answers but he says if he doesn’t get that information that may be all the answer he needs.

FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher has refused to answer questions about the investigation. Jameis Winston got off to a slow start Saturday, throwing an interception, then recovering. Coach Fisher says Winston is handling the pressure well. “That he’s prepared very well and I think he’s played very well and he’s led our team very well,” says Jimbo Fisher, FSU Head Coach.

Until the allegations surfaced, Winston was considered a frontrunner for the Heisman trophy. Voting is next week. The Quarterbacks attorney has asked the State to speed up its investigation. But Prosecutor Meggs says a decision on what to do will be made when the time is right. “You know, I’m not working on the Heisman schedule or the football schedule. We’re working as hard as we can work,” says Willie Meggs.

The case is not expected to be resolved before Thursday, when FSU leaves for its conference championship game in Charlotte.

By Matt Galka
November 27, 2013

Tallahassee, FL -- Tim Jansen, the attorney for Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, was furious with the release of an investigation timeline by the Tallahassee Police Department to the public.

"They, again, are releasing information; some facts, not all correct, on a case that is ongoing, still under investigation, still pending. The only purpose is not to protect my client's rights, but to, I believe, cover themselves. I absolutely believe his rights have been violated," said Jansen.

The timeline documents TPD's role in the case from December 7th, 2012 until August 27th, 2013. The timeline states that a suspect was named January 10th, the suspect's lawyer declined a client interview with TPD on January 23rd, and that the case was deemed "open-inactive" on February 11th.

City Commissioner Scott Maddox stands by the police department's decision to release the information.

"I think it was smart to put the timeline out and defend our process. There's been a lot of stuff going back and forth on the internet. The bottom line is the city of Tallahassee treated this case like any other case. What's important is that we make sure justice was done here," said Maddox.

Jansen fears this could affect a potential charge against Winston.

"What they're releasing could have a potential impact on a jury pool.
There's no reason," said Jansen.

The alleged victim's attorney, Patricia Carroll, could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

The Associated Press reported earlier in the day that Jameis Winston and other football players were questioned after an alleged B.B. gun fight that shattered windows at an apartment near Doak Campbell Stadium. No charges were filed, and Jansen said the incident had nothing to do with the current allegations.

By Julie Montanaro
November 27, 2013 7pm

Tallahassee Police released a time line in the sexual battery investigation of FSU quarterback Jameis Winston today.

That comes the same day as a meeting between the state attorney and Winston's lawyer - who is pushing for a decision before the voting deadline for the Heisman trophy.

FSU quarterback Jameis Winston will take the field this weekend and try to lead the Noles to an undefeated season.

While he was getting ready to take the practice field, his attorney was in the state attorney's office asking Willie Meggs to make a decision in the sexual battery investigation next week.

Tim Jansen asked for the meeting and met with Meggs for about an hour.

"We wanted his decision to be made because Mr. Winston's reputation... and votes ... the voters are coming out saying now they won't vote for him because of his cloud over his head. And we think that Florida State University might be affected by National Championship selection," Jansen said.

Former Heisman voter John Crist says if the case is not resolved before Heisman votes are due on December 9th, it will leave many voters in quandry.

"There's one faction that's saying...I can only judge the on the field product, because I don't know if he's guilty or innocent, there haven't been any charges yet...and he'll probably get their vote. But you have another faction that's very wary about voting for a young man that ultimately does get charged with a crime, so they're going to leave him off the ballot entirely," Crist said.

We asked State Attorney Willie Meggs what was accomplished in the morning meeting with Winston's attorney.

"Absolutely nothing," Meggs said.

Though he acknowledges getting heat from some Seminole fans, he says he can't promise anyone when he'll be ready to announce a decision.

"When we get all the evidence and we get all the facts as best as we can determine them to be, then we'll make a decision...and we're not consulting with the football schedule, or voting or any other thing other than trying to do our job," Meggs said.

This afternoon, the Associated Press reported two other incidents in which Winston was named in a Tallahassee Police report - one involving a BB gun fight at his apartment complex and another complaint that he was stealing soda from a Burger King.

The AP says Winston was never arrested or charged in those cases.

Winston's attorney called those reports "irrelevant" and the state attorney says those incidents have no bearing on a decision in this case.

To see the timeline released by TPD this afternoon, see our story 'TPD Releases Timeline in Sexual Battery Case.

We tried to reach an attorney for the alleged victim in this case and her assistant told us "She's been out of the office all day and won't be taking any calls. She won't be back in until the office reopens on Monday."

By Julie Montanaro
November 27, 2013, 1:15pm

Jameis Winston's attorney says he met with state attorney Willie Meggs this morning to discuss a timeline for a decision on whether or not Winston will be charged in a sexual battery investigation.

Tim Jansen says the longer this goes on, the more damage it does to Winston's reputation.

By Julie Montanaro
November 25, 2013

FSU quarterback Jameis Winston, and the woman who claims he sexually assaulted her, will have to wait a while longer for a decision on any criminal charges.

State Attorney Willie Meggs says he is confident it will be after Thanksgiving before he announces a decision in the case.

Meggs says the timing of that announcement has nothing to do with FSU's football schedule and the game against arch-rival Florida this weekend.

By: Julie Montanaro
November 22, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - A decision in the Jameis Winston case could be days away. The state attorney says investigators are still trying to wrap up "four of five" things in the sexual battery investigation.

Willie Meggs said investigators met Thursday night to go over evidence in the case and still have some work to do. The alleged victim's attorney confirmed that investigators interviewed the young woman Thursday morning. Jameis Winston's attorney says they have not yet decided whether he'll make a statement.

Tim Jansen, Winston's Attorney: "That decision has not been made and with the way this investigation has been handled, I'm not sure that I have the confidence, my client has the confidence, that that interview would not be leaked to the media before a decision has been made."

The state attorney says he will try but is not sure if he'll be able to wrap up the investigation and make a decision on charges by Thanksgiving.

An FSU student accused Winston of sexually assaulting her at an apartment back in December 2012. Tallahassee Police forwarded that investigation to the state attorney's office last week.

Associated Press News Release

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- State Attorney Willie Meggs says there are still "four or five" things that still need to be done in the sexual assault case before a final decision is made on whether charges should be made against Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston.

Meggs said Friday that while prosecutors have interviewed the alleged victim that they have not wrapped up their investigation. Meggs did not provide any details of the interview with the woman.

ESPN reported earlier this week that Winston's DNA matched a sample taken from the underwear of the accuser.

Timothy Jansen, Winston's attorney, says his client voluntarily gave the sample last week but that a match does not mean his client raped the woman.

By: Matt Galka
November 21, 2013

Tallahassee, FL -- Jameis Winston's attorney, Tim Jansen, spoke to a crowd of reporters Thursday about the DNA report that was leaked to ESPN.

The results allegedly show a match between Winston's DNA and a sample taken from the victim's underwear. She claims to have been sexually assaulted in December of 2012.

"I'm not surprised by the results becasue we fully anticipated his DNA would be there," said Jansen.

FDLE and the State Attorney's office denied being the source of the leak. The Tallahassee Police Department declined to comment.

A member of the State Attorney's office did interview the victim Thursday. Earlier in the day, before the witness interview was confirmed, Meggs mapped out his tentative timetable.

"Tomorrow [Friday] morning, I'm going to try and get everyone involved in the case into a room and sit down and say 'what have we done' and let a brain trust, if there's such a thing, see if there's anything else we need to do," said Meggs.

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher was predictably mum about the allegations surrounding his starting quarterback. He did say, if it came down to it, backup Sean Maguire could step in and step up.

"I feel comfortable, I really do, until you have to go out there and do it you have to do it, but the way he's practiced, the way he's prepared, and the ability he has and the guys we have around him I feel very confident," said Fisher.

The national attention on the 'Noles and Winston isn't the most that ESPN radio host and Tallahassee sports staple Jeff Cameron has ever seen, but with reports of leaks and with rumors swirling, he says it's getting there.

"He was at the forefront of a Heisman trophy, so more and more people are picking up on it certainly. I think, as the days go on, as this stories continue to linger, with no charges having been filed, people want to know 'whats going on' so yea, it's gaining steam hourly," said Cameron.

The victim was interviewed in Pasco County according to her attorney Patricia Carroll. Jansen confirmed that a separate witness also submitted a DNA sample.

By: Julie Montanaro
November 21, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - The alleged victim was interviewed by the State Attorney today in Pasco County. That late word coming from the woman's attorney. Jameis Winston's attorney is blasting the release of DNA evidence in the case and contends it was all consensual.

Tim Jansen, Winston's attorney: "We're not surprised his DNA was found, we anticipated that it would be found... We never ever said he wasn't there."

Reporter: "So you're saying this was consensual?"

Tim Jansen, Winston's attorney: "Absolutely"

That's what FSU quarterback Jameis Winston's attorney said about DNA results leaked to ESPN on Wednesday night that say Winston's DNA matched a sample taken from the underwear of a woman who claims the star quarterback assaulted her in December 2012.

Tim Jansen, Winston's attorney: "We are not surprised by the results of the DNA, we voluntarily submitted to a DNA, the only thing we're surprised is that it was leaked out by law enforcement."

FDLE Spokeswoman Gretl Plesinger called release of the DNA results "improper" and denied that anyone in her agency was responsible for the leak.

Gretl Plesinger, FDLE: "We conducted toxicology and DNA screens and returned the results to the Tallahassee Police Department and the State Attorneys office on Wednesday over a secure line."

Willie Meggs, State Attorney: "All I know is someone gave me a copy of it and I still have it.

Reporter: 'So you didn't release the DNA results?"

Willie Meggs, State Attorney: "No I didn't."

State Attorney Willie Meggs called the leaking of those results "problematic" and he would not comment on the impact it could have on the case.

Willie Meggs, State Attorney: "If it does indeed turn out to be a he said/she said one says its consensual, the other says it wasn't are you gonna sort that out or are you gonna let a jury sort that out? 'An arrest can be made based on probable cause-- we have a standard under our rules of criminal procedures that before we file a case, we should have what we call a reasonable likelihood of conviction. In other words, that's an elevated degree of probable cause, uhm, and that's the standard that we use in every case that we file on.."

Tallahassee Police would not comment on the leak. The alleged victim's attorney Patricia Carroll, confirms that the young woman was interviewed by investigators today at her office in Pasco County.

By: Julie Montanaro
November 21, 2013 11:15am

Tallahassee, FL - State attorney Willie Meggs denies leaking DNA evidence in the Jameis Winston case.

Meggs says he will not confirm the results obtained by ESPN and will not comment on how they might impact the case.

Meggs said they will be interviewing the victim in the case soon but would not say when or where.

Jansen claims investigators took a DNA sample from Winston and from a witness in the case, but Meggs would not confirm that.

TPD says it has not released any information besides the statement given by interim Chief Tom Coe last night and FDLE also denies releasing the DNA results to the media.

By: Julie Montanaro
November 21, 10:45 am

FSU quarterback Jameis Winston's attorney is blasting the release of DNA evidence in the sexual battery investigation.

Tim Jansen said Winston voluntarily agreed to give a DNA sample on campus last week.

Jansen says the results do not surprise him and do not change their defense.

"We never said he wasn't there," Tim Jansen, Jameis Winston Attorney, said.

And when asked if the sex was consensual, Janson says, "Absolutely."

Jansen called the release of DNA results improper.

ESPN.com News Copy

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- A DNA analysis completed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement on Tuesday confirmed that DNA provided by Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston matched the sample taken from the underwear of the woman who has accused him of sexual battery.

According to the DNA analysis report, a copy of which was viewed by ESPN.com on Wednesday, the Florida state crime lab determined the chance of the DNA in the woman's underwear being a match for someone other than Winston was one in 2.2 trillion.

Police obtained a sexual assault kit on Dec. 7, 2012, when the accuser reported the alleged incident had occurred at an off-campus apartment. Winston's DNA was recently obtained through a buccal swab he provided to authorities investigating the case.

The DNA match alone does not prove that Winston, a leading Heisman Trophy candidate, sexually assaulted the woman, as the accuser's family claimed in a statement released Wednesday by a Tampa, Fla.-based attorney. But it does indicate that Winston, who has yet to talk to Tallahassee police or the state attorney investigating the case, had his DNA associated with the accuser on Dec. 7, 2012, when the accuser said she was sexually assaulted.

William Meggs, the state attorney for the Second Judicial Circuit, said his office is still investigating the case, which was referred to his office by Tallahassee police only last week.

"Everybody wants to know what's going on," Meggs said earlier Wednesday. "So do we. We're in the process of trying to figure out what's going on. We haven't determined how it's going to turn out."

Meggs couldn't immediately be reached for comment on the DNA report Wednesday night.

"We have professionally tried to maintain the dignity of an investigation," said Tim Jansen, Winston's attorney. "However, either the Tallahassee Police Department or Mr. Meggs' office has decided they're going to improperly leak evidence to the media. We are saddened to learn that someone has decided to leak evidence to the public before Mr. Meggs has had time to make a decision. The improperly leaked report, if true, has zero impact on Mr. Winston's defense, and Mr. Winston maintains his innocence. We voluntarily submitted DNA last week."

Winston said he has also submitted affidavits from two individuals, who allege they were with Winston and the accuser on the night of the incident.

"We have turned over our affidavits and we're confident in the witnesses who were there," Jansen said.

When Meggs was asked Wednesday whether he believed his office could adequately investigate the case more than 11 months after the crime allegedly occurred, he said: "I'm pretty confident, as much as anybody can be. There are two kinds of evidence: testimonial and physical. We'll have what we have at the end of the day and then we'll evaluate what we have."

On Wednesday night, Tallahassee interim police chief Tom Coe said the accuser stopped cooperating with police in February. A statement released earlier Wednesday by the accuser's family through her attorney, Patricia Carroll of Tampa, said Tallahassee police warned the accuser not to pursue the case, saying Det. Scott Angulo told Carroll, "Tallahassee was a big football town and the victim needs to think long and hard before proceeding against him because she will be raked over the coals and her life will be made miserable."

Coe contends Tallahassee police made the case inactive only after the accuser stopped communicating with them. Coe told the Tallahassee Democrat on Tuesday that the police department reviewed the case after media outlets filed open records requests for the case file. Coe said the open records requests alone couldn't change a case from open-inactive to open-active, but that new evidence or leads would have to be found to change the investigation's status.

"In February 2013, the case was classified as open, but inactive, when the victim in the case broke off contact with TPD, and her attorney indicated she did not want to move forward at that time," Coe said Wednesday.

In a statement released to the Tampa Bay Times on Wednesday, the accuser's attorney said, "It was never the intent of the victim or the family for this to become public," but went on to provide a scathing review of the police's handling of the case.

The woman accusing Winston initially reported the incident Dec. 7, 2012. Coe said police investigated the incident, taking witness testimony and collecting evidence.

According to Jansen, who has been representing Winston, police approached him about the case in February but soon after assured him the case was no longer being investigated. Jansen said he reported that to both Winston and Florida State.

When records requests from multiple media outlets were made to Tallahassee police last week, investigators re-examined the case and forwarded it to the state attorney's office. Meggs is currently reviewing the case and will decide whether charges will be brought against a potential suspect.

Meggs told ESPN.com on Wednesday that he probably will not take the case before a grand jury, saying his office would ultimately decide whether it believes it has sufficient evidence to charge Winston with a crime.

"I'm not stupid," Meggs said. "It is a young man whose life is in a fish bowl right now. I think about that. There's also a young girl whose life has been turned upside down, and her life will never be the same, either. We look at it and say, 'Which one of those is most important?' Both. It is a search for the truth, and the truth is kind of elusive sometimes."

Carroll's statement also said police failed to do a proper investigation, did not collect blood work or DNA samples from Winston and refused to interview Winston's roommate, who the accuser says witnessed the attack. The statement also criticized police for approaching Winston's attorney in February with details of the case.

Coe did not specifically contradict any of the claims made in the accuser's statement but said, "There are many statements being made daily, some of which are factual, some are not factual. We can't go into detail on that tonight, but there will be a point in time when we can comment on those issues."

Winston met with media Wednesday, but Florida State athletic department staff would not allow him to answer any questions relating to the investigation. His status with the team has not changed, according to FSU, and he is expected to start Saturday's game against Idaho. Meggs said his office has interviewed several witnesses but the timetable for a decision on whether charges will be filed remains vague.

"When we can say more about this case, we certainly will," Coe said Wednesday. "And we look forward to that day. We hope to move it forward as quickly as we can in coordination with the state attorney and bring closure to it."

Information from ESPN.com reporter David Hale and ESPN's Mark Schwarz is included in this report.

November 20th, 2013
By: Matt Galka

Tallahassee, FL -- Tallahassee Police Departments Public Information Officer David Northway started Wednesday's impromptu press conference by saying that Interim Police Chief Tom Coe would only be making a statement. No questions were supposed to be asked.

The public statement came hours after the alleged victim released her own statement that accused Tallahassee Police Department Detective Angulo of telling her to "think long and hard about proceeding" with charges against Jameis Winston and that "Tallahassee was a big football town."

"Every day there's going to be new statements, some new allegations, new perspectives on this case, and quite frankly we will not be able to comment on these every day because this is an active investigation in coordination with the state attorney's office," said Coe.

Last week, City Manager Anita Favors Thompson emailed the city commission saying that the investigation stopped when the alleged victim cut off contact with T.P.D. The alleged victim's statement claims the family repeatedly tried to contact them for blood work from Winston.

"Let me just say one thing. The information that went to the city commission was correct at the time it was sent. That circumstance changed when the case became an open case and that's all we can say about that," said Favors Thompson.

Winston's lawyer, Tim Jansen, said the conference was an ethical violation with acting chief Coe commenting about the ongoing investigation.

"Such comments does not make the public feel better, it should make the public feel worse that Mr. Winston's rights are being violated because they're doing this. I'm not sure why they had the press conference," said Jansen.

Tallahassee city commissioners did not appear at the press conference but WCTV did speak to two of them beforehand about the alleged victim's statement.

"We've got attorney's from both sides that have made statements. What's important to me is the input that we'll get from our police chief about what the process was with the timeline. That's what I'll be asking for," said commissioner Scott Maddox.

Commissioner Gil Ziffer said he was concerned about what was said in the alleged victim's statement.

"Well anytime our police department is mentioned as potentially as having some wrong doing it concerns me but, once again, until there's some kind of resolution, an inquiry, a statement of fact, it's difficult to make that judgement," said Ziffer.

WCTV Reporters Live Tweets During Tallahassee Press Conference:

Tallahassee, FL - City of Tallahassee to hold news conference close to 8 p.m. at City Hall. The City Manager and Police Chief are expected to be in attendance.

WCTV will bring you more information as it becomes available.

By: Julie Montanaro
November 20, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - There is a new scathing statement from the family of the woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by FSU quarterback Jameis Winston. A family spokesperson says the young woman never wanted this to become public and blasted the Tallahassee Police Department for the way it handled the investigation.

Jameis Winston faced the cameras for his weekly press conference and FSU staff deflected the only question about "off the field distractions."

"He's already answered that question on numerous occasions. Next question."

While sports writers were asking about the upcoming match-up with Idaho... The family of a young woman who claims Winston sexually assaulted her in December 2012 spoke out for the first time.

"It was never the intent of the victim or the family for this to become public," a written statement from her lawyer said. "The victim was trying to move on with her life which has now been turned upside down again. We have not been the source of any information prior to this release."

The angry statement called the Tallahassee Police Department's handling of the investigation "questionable". It says soon after she identified Jameis Winston as the perpetrator,

The statement alleges that TPD Detective Angulo told the young woman's attorney that "Tallahassee was a big football town and the victim needs to think long and hard before proceeding against him because she will be raked over the coals and her life will be made miserable."

The family says the alleged victim was shocked to hear Winston's attorney say the case had been closed.

Tim Jansen: "Then they notified us the case was closed. In February, the case was closed."

...Because it was still awaiting the results of blood work at the time.

The statement goes on to list a few of the family's many unanswered questions:

"If Winston's attorney was aware of the case in February 2013, why didn't Detective Angulo collect DNA evidence, interview Winston and conduct a proper investigation?"

"Why was Winston not listed as the suspect in the police reprot once he was identified in early January?"

and "Why didn't Detective Angulo or his superiors inform the State Attorney of the crime before the media sought a copy of the police report 11 months after the crime?"

Winston's attorney has repeatedly said his client has done nothing wrong and points out Winston has not been charged with a crime.

Tim Jansen had no comment on the statement released by the alleged victim's family, except to say he is not paid the university and "his only allegiance is to Mr. Winston."

We have asked Tallahassee Police to comment on the family's statement-- including its allegations against the detective-- but so far have not received a response. The state attorney has declined comment.

Associated Press Release

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- The attorney representing the alleged victim in a sexual assault investigation involving Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston says her client never said she did not want to press charges.

Patricia Carroll said Wednesday it's not true that the case about the alleged December 2012 assault was placed on hold because the victim did not want to prosecute, as a Tallahassee official told city commissioners in an email.

Carroll says the alleged victim was trying to get on with her life after it became apparent the Tallahassee Police Department was not seriously investigating the case. TPD did not respond to calls seeking comment.

One of the lingering questions surrounding the case involving Winston, a Heisman Trophy candidate, is why it took 11 months for police to hand over information to prosecutors.

CBS Sports News Copy

The family of the accuser in the Jameis Winston sexual assault investigation released a statement to the Tampa Bay Times Wednesday, accusing a Tallahassee police detective of warning the accuser that she would be "raked over the coals" if she proceeded in the case against Winston.

The statement was issued through the family's attorney to the Times as the complainant remains anonymous. Per the statement, an attorney contacted by the family after Winston was identified by the accuser in early January was told by Detective Scott Angulo that she should "think long and hard" before pursuing the case.

"When the attorney contacted Detective Angulo immediately after Winston was identified, Detective Angulo told the attorney that Tallahassee was a big football town and the victim needs to think long and hard before proceeding against him because she will be raked over the coals and her life will be made miserable," the family said, per the Times.

Winston has neither been arrested nor charged with any crime, and his attorney, Tim Jansen, has denied all allegations concerning the Florida State star.

E-mails obtained by the Tallahassee Democrat and published Tuesday showed that the investigation into the incident had been made "inactive" in February 2013 after the complainant elected not to press charges. The case was made active again and turned over to the State Attorney's office last week, possibly due to new information in the case becoming available.

A state attorney overseeing the case questioned aspects of the Tallahassee Police Departments's handling of the investigation, telling CBSSports.com's Jeremy Fowler Nov. 15 that he was surprised his office was not informed of the case after the original complaint in Dec. 2012. He added that he had been told Jansen had been provided a complete copy of the police report, a decision he called "not good" if true.

The interaction between Tallahassee PD and Jansen also came under fire in the complainant's family's statement (a full version of which can be read here):

The attorney and Detective Angulo discussed suspending the investigation to give the victim some time to receive counseling. However, during that discussion, the attorney addressed the need for the family to obtain the DNA and blood work results to make a more informed decision...

Thereafter, the family, through counsel, repeatedly attempted to obtain the blood work results from both Detective Angulo and the Tallahassee Police Department's victim advocate, Fawnisha Brown. At all times, the victim, the family, and counsel were available to Tallahassee Police Department and were under the impression that only law enforcement was aware of the crime.

If the victim had been aware that Winston's attorney was alerted as far back as February, she would have insisted that Tallahassee Police Department immediately collect DNA and interview, at the very least, Winston's roommate who witnessed the attack.

The victim was devastated when she learned late last week that the Tallahassee Police Department had informed Winston's attorney as far back as February, which allowed him all of this time to create his defense and prepare his witnesses. The victim cannot fathom that the State Attorney's office was not given the same opportunity.

No change is currently expected in Winston's playing status as the investigation proceeds. The No. 2 Seminoles face Idaho Saturday.

By: Matt Galka
November 19, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - A national firestorm started after sexual battery allegations against FSU quarterback and Heisman candidate Jameis Winston surfaced November 13th.

But Tallahassee city manager Anita Favors Thompson alerted the city commission in an email on November 12th.

The email goes into detail about the allegations, stating that the police report alleges the victim was "taken advantage of in her intoxicated state."

It goes on to read that the Tallahassee Police Department began investigating but "stopped getting responses from the young woman and could no longer contact her." A family representative then told TPD that the alleged victim "changed her mind" and did not want to pursue charges.

City commissioner Scott Maddox said he wants to make sure the city is taking all the right steps necessary.

"The main thing for us is process. I want to make sure the process that we've gone through has been true to form and that we're treating this case like any other case," said Maddox.

The case was left "open-inactive" and is now "open-active." TPD spokesman Dave Northway says that for cases to be reopened, new information needs to be brought forward.

"It could be anything," said Northway when he was reached by phone. "That could be a new tip, that could be more information that develops. Somehow down the line from maybe even a similar case that a similar suspect described."

Maddox also asked about why the case wasn't closed.

"I'm told that they often leave cases open in case the complainant decides to change his or her mind, and to add information to the case and that it is commonplace in other cases," he said.

By: Julie Montanaro
November 19, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Tallahassee's mayor and city commissioners learned about sexual battery accusations against FSU quarterback Jameis Winston the day before the story broke.

An email sent by City Manager Anita Favors Thompson on November 12th advised commissioners that both a Tampa Bay newspaper and TMZ had requested copies of the December 2012 police report. Favors-Thompson informed commissioners that the young woman had accused Jameis Winston of sexual assault and-- quote-- "indicated that she was intoxicated at a local bar and taken advantage of in her intoxicated state."

The email says that TPD started interviewing witnesses and "putting together the details when they stopped getting responses from the young woman and could no longer contact her for additional follow up and information after many attempts to do so."

"Shortly thereafter a representative of the young woman's family who is an attorney contacted TPD and said the young woman had changed her mind and did not wish to prosecute."

The city manager said the victim was notified of the press requests for the police reports and told commissioners the case would have "national media impact."

Associated Press Release

TALLAHASSEE, FL -- The attorney for Jameis Winston is speaking out tonight after something state attorney Willie Meggs said over the weekend.

The associated press spoke with Meggs on Saturday. The following is a quote regarding the ongoing investigation.

"There's nothing like being fresh on a case and walking in and saying, 'what happened last night,' said Meggs. "Now they've been talking to lawyers, they've been talking to each other and getting their stories together. People have had 11 months to decide what they're going to say."

Winston's attorney, Tim Jansen released the following statement.

We are deeply concerned by State Attorney William Meggs unprecedented decision to engage in press interviews and make extrajudicial statements about his ongoing investigation.

These extrajudicial public statements at this early point in his investigation raise concern in the minds of Mr. Winston and the public that Mr. Meggs may not be conducting an objective, fair, and unbiased investigation which is the right of every person involved in the criminal justice system.

We respect the immense power Mr. Meggs has to conduct his investigation and pray that he will objectively analyze the facts as he finds them, refrain from further extrajudicial public comment, and take all necessary steps to ensure that this matter comes to a quick resolution.

We are confident that if those steps are taken, this cloud will be lifted and Mr. Winston will be fully exonerated of any wrongdoing.

We reached out to Willie Meggs who would not comment on Jansen's statement.

By: Matt Galka
November 14, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - State Attorney Willie Megg said that he hadn't heard anything about an alleged sexual battery case linked to Jameis Winston until Wednesday morning.

"Not a word," said Meggs shortly after he arrived back in Tallahassee from Savannah, GA.

The Tallahassee Police Department incident report states that the alleged crime occurred in December of 2012.

Meggs said that a time frame like that isn't how things are usually handled.

"Well that's not what normally happens, and I don't know the circumstances about why we didn't hear. Normally when we have cases of most any kind officers bring us the probable cause to take a look at and we work with them," said Meggs.

When asked what role, if any, Jameis Winston had in the investigation, Meggs replied that he did not know.

Meggs said that Winston will be questioned if he is named a suspect. Winston has not been named a suspect at this time.
Winston's lawyer, Tim Jansen, said that the Tallahassee Police Department wants a D.N.A. swab from Winston. Jansen said he doesn't know why the case was reopened, but has provided two witnesses that he says will prove Winston's innocence.

"There is no new evidence from what I understand, other than the evidence we have provided, which we believe will exonerate him," said Jansen.

Meggs' office will have to decide where the case goes from here.

"I think the most important thing here is dealing with the victim in the case. The victim has certain rights and it's our responsibility to protect the rights of the victims of crime," he said.

There is no timetable right now on how long the investigation might take. The Tallahassee Police Department is not releasing any more information.

By Julie Montanaro
November 14, 2013

Many folks are outraged by reports that FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston is being investigated in connection with an alleged sexual battery nearly a year ago.

His lawyer confirms it, but he's the only one talking. Neither FSU Police nor Tallahassee Police will comment on why the case has surfaced now.

Reports that FSU star quarterback and potential Heisman trophy candidate Jameis Winston is being investigated in connection with an alleged sexual battery in December 2012 is the talk of campus.

Most students are asking 'Why now?"

"I don't understand why it would be coming up now rather than before...i think it's just the thing about us being - doing so well - or he's doing so well," FSU Freshman Malina Huynh said.

FSU Police got the initial call at 3:22am on December 7, 2012. An incident report shows FSU police officers headed to Kellum Hall after a student there called to report a sexual battery.

FSU police have declined to answer any questions about the incident, They say that once they realized it happened off campus, they turned it over to the Tallahassee Police Department.

The Tallahasse Police Department released this heavily redacted incident report on Wednesday, but it has declined an on camera interview and has refused to answer any more questions about the investigation.

"We're cooperating with the investigation," Winston's attorney Tim Jansen said. "He denies any wrong doing."

Neither agency will confirm or deny that Jameis Winston is the "unknown suspect" but Wintson's attorney will. He says TPD notified him Thursday that the investigation he thought was closed in February isn't closed anymore.

"I got contacted by the Tallahassee Police Department, that the case is being reinvestigated, 'it's open and we're investigating it," Jansen said. And did they explain why? "Never explained why."

Jansen questions why police have never questioned Winston before or requested a DNA sample.

"The timing is suspect, it really is," Jansen said.

The Seminoles are ranked second in the BCS poll and Winston is being discussed as a possible Heisman candidate.

"Hopefully the voters, fans and law enforcement will take a close look and before they make a rash decision consider everything because you have a young man's career on the line," Jansen said.

State Attorney Willie Meggs says he didn't find out about the case until Wednesday, but must get to the bottom of it now.

"It's important to take into consideration our victim's rights. We're going to see that this is thoroughly investigated and seek a fair and just resolution to all parties involved," Meggs said by phone Thursday.

State Attorney Willie Meggs is returning from teaching a class in Savannah. We will be interviewing him later this evening and will share his comments tonight on Eyewitness News at 11.

By: Matt Galka
November 13, 2013, 11pm

Tallahassee, FL - Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is being investigated in connection with a sexual battery complaint from December 7th, 2012.

A heavily redacted Tallahassee Police Department report lists the suspect as unknown in the case. Winston's lawyer, Tim Jansen, confirmed to WCTV that Winston is cooperating with the investigation and has not been arrested or charged with anything.

At Winston's weekly press conference, Florida State issued a written statement. Part of it stated that the university was "aware of a matter that was investigated by the Tallahassee Police Department almost a year ago. Because the investigation has not been closed by TPD, we cannot comment further at this time."

Reporters were told that Winston would not be taking questions about the allegations. He did, however, talk about distractions.

"We're just game planning every week," said Winston. "We prepare like there's nothing else to lose. We're preparing for Syracuse."

Florida State's head football coach Jimbo Fisher didn't field any questions on the situation at his weekly call-in show, either.

The police department's incident report lists the unknown suspect at a height between 5'9" and 5'11." Winston is listed at 6'4" on the Seminoles athletic website.

November 13, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Jameis Winston at tonight's press conference did not answer any questions about the alleged incident because of the ongoing investigation. Florida State University and Winston cannot talk about the open investigation involving Winston until the matter is closed.

Tonight was also the Jimbo Fisher call-in show. Coach Fisher is not taking any questions on the investigation.

November 13, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - WCTV spoke with attorney Tim Jansen who is representing Winston in the case. There is no word that TPD will bring Winston in for questioning.

Tim Jansen called Florida State attorney Willie Meggs today to tell Meggs that the investigation had been reopened.

The statute of limitations in a sexual battery case is three years.

WCTV will bring you more information as it becomes available.

November 13, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - A heavily redacted release from the Tallahassee Police Department is being related to the allegations of sexual battery involving FSU red-shirt Freshman Quarterback Jameis Winston. That release is attached to this story. No names are given.

The victim was reportedly drinking, and evidence was collected on scene.

The suspect from the incident report is listed to be between 5'9 and 5'11, and weighed 240 lbs. at the time of the report.

By comparison, the Florida State University athletic site, Seminoles.com lists Winston as 6'4 and weighing 228 pounds.

WCTV is continuing to gather information and will bring it to you as soon as it becomes available.

Press Release: FSU Sports Information

Nov. 13, 2013

Media Contacts for Florida State Athletics
Rob Wilson – Associate AD for Communication – (rlwilson@fsu.edu);


We are aware of a matter that was investigated by the Tallahassee Police Department almost a year ago. Because the investigation has not been closed by TPD, we cannot comment further at this time. We look forward to a speedy resolution of the issue. There is no change in Jameis Winston’s status. Coach Jimbo Fisher and Jameis will be answering questions about football only until there is a resolution.

November 13, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Tallahassee attorney Tim Jansen says he is representing FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston. He says Winston is cooperating with the investigation. Jansen says Winston has not been charged with anything and says Winston has never been questioned by Tallahassee police about the incident, not in December of 2012 and not recently.

Jansen says it was his understanding that this case was closed by Tallahassee police in February.

WCTV will bring more information as it becomes available.

November 13, 2013

Jameis Winston is expected to address the media shortly at FSU. WCTV has reporters on scene and will bring you the latest updates.

November 13, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - A story posted by the entertainment site TMZ alleges that FSU red-shirt freshman Quarterback Jameis Winston is being investigated by Tallahassee Police for an alleged sexual battery on December 7, 2012. Tallahassee police will not confirm or deny that.

TPD did release a copy of an incident report of a sexual battery on that date, but both the victim and suspect's name were blacked out.
State attorney Willie Meggs says TPD just forwarded the case to him today - and he wouldn't confirm that Winston was the suspect either.

WCTV will bring you more information as it becomes available.

November 13, 2013
6:25 pm

BREAKING: Entertainment news source, TMZ is reporting FSU QB Jameis Winston is being investigated in an alleged sexual battery case.

WCTV is investigating and will bring you more information as it becomes available.

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