Being All He Can Be

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Wakulla Quarterback Feleipe Franks is garnering a lot of attention. He has verbally committed to LSU and now you can U.S. Army All-American to his long list of accolades.

Franks was invited to play in the all-star game his senior year and Uncle Sam couldn't have picked a better athlete to represent the U.S. Army.

"It meant a lot to my family to be able to hold that Army jersey up with my dad being in the service, it just meant a lot to our whole family" Wakulla quarterback Feleipe Franks said.

Feleipe is just a rising junior, he's selected to play in the game two years from now. He's the first qb chosen, a perfect gift from a son to a dad shortly after Father's Day.

"My dad wasn't there to watch it, but he saw the pictures, he's actually on military duty right now," Franks said.

Ever since he was a little kid, Feleipe was taught to be all he can be.

"He has good parents and that's where it starts. You get coaches that can keep him level minded and then his mom and dad have done a great job keeping him level headed but he's graded out A-plus for handling it," Wakulla Head Football Coach Scott Klees said.

"Him being in the army 26 years and still going, it teaches me a lot with integrity, courage and responsibility and things like that," Franks said.

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