Bench Transferring to South Florida

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Bainbridge, GA - During his time off, Steven Bench works out on the same field where his career started at Bainbridge High School. Weeks from now, the quarterback will be at South Florida, his second college in two years.

"Honestly I feel like the decision in high school was a lot harder than this one has been," Bench said.

After his junior year in high school, Bench transferred to Cairo. He said it's a complete 180 compared to the decision he had to make recently, leaving Penn State after one season.

"There's no hard feelings at Penn State," he said. "It was a mutual kind of thing. And I didn't want to be a backup quarterback, so I decided I should explore other options."

Bench never imagined wearing any other hat when he sat in the Cairo High School cafeteria about a year and a half ago. He wanted to help bring a tarnished Penn State program back to life.

"I had made some good friends," he said. "We had been through a lot in the past nine months, past 10 months I was there. It wasn't a good feeling to leave my friends."

Ultimately, his decision came down to playing time.

"I didn't go somewhere to watch football," Bench said. "I went somewhere to play football and I wasn't going to be given the chance to do that."

So while he prepares for his move to USF, he knows he made the right choice, just like the choice he had to make in high school.

"Hopefully I'll find a place to stay and I feel like I'll be happy there," he said.

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