Big Bend Pop Warner Opening Weekend

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Tallahassee, FL - Big Bend Pop Warner opened the weekend with a 25-team scrimmage at Gene Cox Stadium on Saturday.

From Mitey Mites to Pee Wees to Midgets, all kids had the opportunity to get on the field and see some game time.

"The kids get an opportunity to scrimmage against another team and they've been at it for a little while," said Corey Simon, President of Big Bend Pop Warner. "This is fun. The kids get a chance to see their friends they go to school with and they get to hit a little bit."

"I like football because you can hit people and play a lot of positions. You get a feel for offense and defense," said Andrew Farout, a linebacker for the Bradfordville Buccaneers.

"Probably about having fun, doing it for fun, doesn't matter if you win or lose," said Trooper Price, a quarterback for the Canopy Oaks Rams.

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