Blondes vs. Brunettes Football Game to Benefit Alzheimers Research

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It's an age old rivalry, blondes versus brunettes.

Tallahassee blondes and brunettes will duke it out on the football field all for a good cause.

The Alzheimers Association of Central and North Florida is hosting the flag football game.

Red heads are free agents.

The organization held its kick off party Wednesday night at the Midtown Filling Station.

The event is to raise awareness about Alzheimers, a disease that organizers say many people have a connection to.

"All these young people who are here, the target audience for this game, it touches them. They see their grandparents being affected. While this event tragets this age group, it affects everybody," Margaret Farris, Associate Director of Development for the Alzheimers Association of Central and North Florida said.

The game will be held on June 21st at FSU's Bill Harkin Field.

Everyone is encouraged to play in the game or go watch.

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