Boulware Shares Opinion

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A recent poll says Jameis Winston is still a strong candidate to win the Heisman.

"It means alot because its all about football and hard work dedication you put in and off the field everntually the work on the field me and my team we had a very successful year and the Heisman is such a great honor for me to even be mentioned and of course I dont want to lose any voters or anything like that its just, its very important to me that that happened," Winston said.

FSU has had to deal with off the field distractions but as a former player told me, this could bring them closer together.

"You could either do two things, you can separate and be upset and go different directions or you could rally around the player and be a tighter team and we dealt with something like that in Baltimore with Ray Lewis, we had a situation and I tell you what we came together as a team, we rallied around that person and we won a world championship so it can be be done if the team gets together, it can even make for a stronger team," Peter Boulware.

FSU is prepping for Idaho and not taking the 1-9 Vandals lightly.

"They want to make a name off us, every team is going to come in here and make a name off us, they want to come into this stadium and say we beat Florida State, we are not coming in here half stepping we are coming in here playing our game, play seminole football the best of our ability," James Wilder Jr. said.

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