Bowden Greets Shoppers At Grand Opening

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson
August 25, 2013

Tallahassee, FL--Hundreds of football fanatics waited for the moment when Bobby Bowden would walk through the door.

"We're pretty excited we were standing up on the exercise thing there trying to look in," FSU fan said.

"At my age you ain't got any nerves anymore you I never get nervous about that, so easy to just sit down and sign and talk to people," said Bobby Bowden, the Former FSU Head Coach.

The line stretched out around the brand new dick's sporting goods in Tallahassee. Bowden fans were decked out in garnet and gold. They all waited till the king arrived. One fan said, "We got here at 6:30 this morning."

Another fan says, she left everything behind just to move to Seminole country.

"I left my job , sold my house to move up to Tallahassee to be a true Seminole fan," said Jane Starkey, an FSU fan.

This family even brought a piece of history for Bowden to sign.

"This is the guy that designed the original spear, I want to get bobby Bowden to sign," said a die hard fan.

Bowden even had some thoughts on the new starting quarterback.... freshman Jameis Winston.

"He has got to be pretty good to play as a freshmen to start as a freshmen, so I am sure he has got a lot to learn just hope he could minimize mistakes," said Bowden.

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