Boxers Lace Their Gloves For Boxing Tournament

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By: Bailey Myers
November 9th, 2013

Tallahassee FL- Boxers laced up their gloves and jumped in the ring tonight in Quincy. All in an effort to raise funds and attention to a local youth boxing organization.

Breathing out with each throw of the fist, young boxers prepare for fight night. A night where young boxers from throughout the Big Bend area come out and use the skills they have been working on for months.

One of the Boxers, Leonardo Kenon said, "Once you enter that ring you have to be calm subtle-- it's not going crazy you get hurt like that."

Kenon says its all about discipline at the Quincy Fighting Tigers Boxing Gym Youth Center. The non-for profit organization allows young people to learn how to box.

Quincy Fighting Tigers Boxing Gym Youth Center Coordinators, Richard Burns explained, "It gives these kids an opportunity to do something positive in their life. That means a lot of their friends that are out in the street they can help pull them in and get them off of the street."

"My mom wasn't in my life my dad wasn't there so growing up was crazy. When I got into boxing, it changed my whole environment and I started to see things right and stuff seemed to come better. I have a job now. Boxing it changed my life," said Kenon.

So, Saturday 18 boxers from throughout the Big Bend came out to play their sport, in hopes of raising funds and awareness for the Quincy Fighting Tigers so more kids can lace up their gloves.

The organization hopes to host more fight nights like this one in the future to give their boxers a chance to exercise their skill and raise money for their organization.

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