Breeden Skis Trifecta

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Quincy, FL - On a gray, storm-stricken day, Kelley Breeden and her family huddle inside a shed that covers a dock leading to a lake. This is her first year practicing at this hidden gem nestled in Quincy, Florida.

Breeden practices here several times a week. She owns water skiing's trifecta.

"All of the work that we've put in from the last four years just came together," she said. "And then I broke the record and then I won the national title."

The Florida High freshman is not only a national champion. She has won gold medals and set records at States and Regionals, all in the slalom Girls-2 Division.

"We saw that everything that I've worked towards be accomplished," she said.

Goals Breeden, 14, has envisioned since she started at seven.

"We met Mr. Keith and he introduced us to a whole new side of skiing," she said.

Keith Albritton is the owner of the private lake that Breeden now skis on. He has coached her for the past five years.

"Her determination and drive is second to none," said Albritton, who has been water skiing for about 20 years. "She is so good when it comes to the big tournaments. She just gets it done."

Which was evident during the state tournament when she beat her opponent in a runoff.

"It's like going up and down on a rollercoaster," Breeden said.

And the ride for Breeden still has its turns. She's racing for a spot at Junior Masters, an international competition.

"The girls I compete against are gonna be tough, but I expect to win," she said.

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