Brother and Sister Suit Up for FSU

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Tallahassee, FL -- It's not uncommon for siblings to follow in each others footsteps when choosing where to go to college.

"Outside of having faith in God I think having family is the most important thing in someone's life," says FSU senior guard Luke Loucks. "Being away from most of your family in college, it can be a little tough."

For Luke and Emma Loucks their decision to attend Florida State was influenced other than by education. Luke is a four year member of the men's basketball team, and his younger sister Emma is a freshman for the women's team.

Luke adds, "When I came to Florida State I would have never imagined in a million years that Emma would end up on the woman's team at the same university."

Emma adds, "It's been like when we were little. Except for now I have to call him like 30 times just to get a hold of him."

Having big brother around has made the transition from high school to college easier.

Emma adds, "It's helped having someone up here you can rely on just in case something happens."

"I remember the night before the first day of school in summer I was driving her around and showing her where the classes were," adds Luke. That's something I didn't have. I just had to figure it out on the fly."

Emma and Luke are the youngest of four which created a special bond before heading to college.

"They were always very close," Emma and Luke's mother Mabeth adds. "Even in elementary school Luke was always the big brother to her. He has been very, very nice to her. She's lucky!"

Emma adds, "When we were really young, all kids bicker with their siblings when they're young. As we grew up and got older. like high school and stuff, it got a lot better and now we're best friends."

"Emma really loved tagging around with the boys. I wouldn't call her a tomboy, she was into girlie things but she also just loved the competition," adds their father Lincoln.

"They didn't even let me play!" says Emma.

"The thing with Emma is she didn't have just one older brother she had three," adds Luke. "We were pretty tough on her."

The rivalry on the court is still as strong to this day.

"Basketball, she has a few years of hard work before my hips get old enough to where she can get by me. Maybe in about twenty years when I can move anymore she can finally beat me in a game on one on one." adds Luke

Even away from home Luke still has that big brother mentality.

Luke adds, "I told her she has a 30 second rule with guys on campus. "

"No, they've dropped it to like 10 seconds now." adds Emma

"If it's past, if it's past a good 15 seconds I come in and cut it off."

Emma and Luke were destined to become Seminoles even before they were born. Their Dad was a walk on to the football team under Bobby Bowden and they had two Uncles attend Florida State.

"The kids all love Florida State. We love the school and we're glad that they're here together," adds Lincoln. "It makes it a little easier on us."

Luke adds, "It is kind of cool to have that family background. In the family everyone roots on for Florida State. From where we are everyone hates the Gators."

It's a decision that no one has regretted.

"Playing on a scholarship would have been nice," says Emma. "At the same time coming to Florida State and having an opportunity like that to play and be at the same university as my brother was a big deal."

Mabeth adds, "I've asked the kids over and over again did you make the right decision? And every single time, admittedly, they've said yes."

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