Cam Newton Gains Big Endorsements

Under Armour’s campaign for the launch of its new Spine shoe features Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton using a Vertimax as part of the company’s “This is how Cam Newton Runs” slogan. Under Armour, a global brand in sports apparel, chose Vertimax to be a part of its new commercial, showcasing the NFL’s Rookie of the Year using a Vertimax while showing off UA’s new shoe.

“We are honored to be associated with the Under Armour brand,” said President of Vertimax Mike Wehrell, “They are one of the biggest names in all of sports and we are ecstatic that they had Cam Newton using one of our machines in their new ad.”

Currently, 50% of the NFL, 40% of the NBA, 30% of MLB and over 75% of all Division colleges and universities use Vertimax in their training protocols. And Newton is one of the biggest success stories as he trained on the Vertimax leading up to his record breaking rookie season.

“Our brand has been around for a long time,” said Vice President of Business and Development Al Marez, “With the new technology advancements to our equipment, professional and amateur athletes are beginning to realize that using the Vertimax is essential in their training and the results speak for themselves.“

Vertimax, a Tampa, Florida based company, is a training system that improves athletic performance factors including explosive power, speed and the vertical jump. These performance parameters are highly desired by all athletes because they are vital to optimal success in any sport. The founder of the Vertimax, Michael Wehrell, created this training system as a solution for developing explosive leg power that regular weight training simply can’t accomplish. Vertimax can be found in major training facilities across the country such as IMG, Powerhouse Gym, and celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson’s gym and more.

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