Campers Travel the Globe for Mike Martin Baseball Camps

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Tallahassee, FL -- Dick Howser Stadium is still in use even after the Seminoles season is over. Summer after summer, players from all across the country land on Mike Martin field for a week of instruction.

"It's for the elite," FSU head baseball coach Mike Martin says. "It's a group of young men that come from all over the country."

And the world. Not only does this weeks Super Skills Academy have players from New York to Florida, but from the Dominican Republic to Japan. The diversity in talent only benefits those who attend.

"It's a little tough because I'm a city kid and probably the only city kid," Stefan Edmiston, a camper from New York says. "It makes it look like, kids from the south are stronger so I have to step my game up a little more."

It also gives a chance for father and son to play on the same infield a generation apart.

"I played here in 1986-1987 with Mike Martin and Chip Baker was here and it was a great experience to play here," former FSU infielder Rafael Bournigal says. "It was a big time school, baseball school even back then."

"It is pretty cool even just knowing that my Dad was out here at one point playing on the same field at the same point in time as I am," says his son Rafael Bournigal, Jr.

The camps also serve a purpose for coaches and recruiting. Giving them an early look at the rising talent.

"Recruiting has come full circle," adds FSU pitching coach Mike Bell. "It's not the day of hey, a guy pops up his senior year, we have to go get him, her we're Florida State. We have to identify guys at an early age. Sophomore year, freshman year."

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