Capital City Rowing to Nationals

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Tallahassee, FL - As the Capital City Rowing crews set off in the water at Lake Talquin earlier this week, a realization dawned on them. It would be the last time they would practice competitive rowing for the season. Because on Friday, June 7th, the girls varsity four and boys varsity eight will be competing at Nationals in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

"They're young, both the guys and girls," said Brett Tillotson, the head coach of the girls team. "This is probably the youngest group on average that we've brought."

"Our practices have increased in intensity," said Matt Bevis a rower on the varsity eight.

The boys in this year's group are going to Nationals for the first time.

"I'm pretty excited for our guys to get to go and see what some of the other fastest crews in the nation are like," said Danny Gwynn-Shapiro, the head coach of the boys team.

"We're just going out there to go as hard as we can. It's a good opportunity," Bevis said.

A good opportunity especially for the two seniors on each team.

"Right now, you know, we just have to keep our confidence," said Karla McDaniel, a rower on the girls team and who will be attending Michigan next year on a rowing scholarship.

"Its been a big gap between regionals and nationals and I think we're ready and excited to go do it," Tillotson said.

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