Center-field of Attention

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Tallahassee - Matt Railey comes off as shy and reserved, which kind of fits for a centerfielder, a position seemingly on its own island.

"Baseball is a game of failure and just knowing that, It's just a lot of mental work, too," said Railey, a senior at North Florida Christian.

His demeanor is also symbolic of being overshadowed on a talent-rich baseball team. North Florida Christian routinely sends kids to division-one schools.

"I just want to get back and gain the respect that I deserve," said Railey, who is hitting .632 through seven games.

The "getting back" is about the injuries he's had to overcome. He had surgery on his right shoulder (non-throwing) that sidelined him during his entire sophomore year. A recurring hamstring injury has carried into his senior season.

But the injuries have not cost the lefty a scholarship. Railey signed with Florida State this past November.

"I think a lot of scouts, he was on their radar, but he just jumped on it really high and I really think that he's just...he just keeps putting his name out there," said Mike Posey, NFC's head baseball coach. "So, if he keeps playing like he's doing now, who knows."

"I'm just trying to help my team win a state title," Railey said. "That's the ultimate goal right now. Not looking forward to anything else right now than a state title with my team."

And there's no overlooking that.

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