Chad, Not Charlie

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Tallahassee, FL - Down Charlie Ward Boulevard, there's a voice and smile that sounds and looks so familiar.

"When I go to airports I see guys looking at me and saying, 'Hey, Charlie.' And I just look at 'em and say, 'no, that's not me.'"

That's right - he's not Charlie.

Chad Ward is in his second year as the head boys basketball coach at Thomas County Central. It's his alma mater, and obviously his brother Charlie's alma mater, too.

"Until we started going to the Florida State games that's when people started to say, 'Charlie, is that your brother?' I'd say, 'yeah, that's my brother,'" Chad said. "I'm taller and I'm a little lighter version than he is."

The 32-year-old Chad is 10 years younger, but shares very similar qualities to his NBA-playing, Heisman Trophy-winning sibling.

"People were comparing us all the time," Chad said. "Oh, you should do this because your brother did this. Or you should throw the ball like this because your brother was a quarterback."

Chad said growing up and walking the halls at Thomas County Central, he was always referred to as "Charlie's brother," not Chad. Even now, he admits, he's gotten used to it.

"I finally realized that I can't change that and the only thing I can change is the way that I respond the atmosphere or wherever I'm going," Chad said.

Chad said he looks up to Charlie, who will be the head coach at Pensacola Booker T. Washington high school.

"Just try to carry those same things that he has done and shown other people in life, I try to model that same image," he said.

In his eyes, the only name that matters to him is his last name, Ward.

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