Coach McLeod Watches a Big League Catch

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Lorenzo Cain is batting .310 entering the Royals June 17th game with the Detroit Tigers.

On June 16, he made a remarkable catch, a water cooler chatter type play.

His old college coach, Mike McLeod heard about it, but hadn't seen it, that is until we brought it to his attention.

"Oh my! Oh My! And then throws from his fanny. A strike to the cutoff man and Martinez is giving him the stink-eye there, the evil eye for catching it. Isn't that beautiful! That's great," McLeod added.

Coach even tells us the story about how Cain wasn't always a baseball player. In fact he didn't start playing until his freshman year of high school. He was evident he didn't know much about the game.

"They tell me Lorenzo, the first day, didn't know which hand to put the glove on and actually had the hand in the wrong or the glove on the wrong hand and went to the coach, Barney Meyers, whose a great guy and goes Coach I can catch better if I can put it on the other hand. So he didn't know which hand to put the glove on, but the rest is, he learned real quick," McLeod said.

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