Coaches Corner: Jimbo Fisher

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher hopes the Seminoles' first game, a 59-6 win against Samford, is exactly how today's second home against BYU goes as well.
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If the 2010 season was a sign of things to come for Florida State football, then the future is now with the number one recruiting class in the nation to help solidify the Seminoles position among college footballs elite.
"Florida State can get players and line up and do anything with anybody if we recruit right and do right." Jimbo Fisher says. "Keep building this thing and stretch it and get our facilities out there, build the indoor, build the dorm, right now is the time to make that stretch. It's never better than right now."
The recruiting class is just one reason why many believe Florida State is on the verge of contending for a National Title.
Fisher adds,
"We can be competitive with most folks, I really believe that. We'll find out when we see and how we develop. I'm excited about where this team is going and what we can develop into."
After spending a good portion of the 2000's looking up at the other schools in the state, the view has changed, and so has the attitude.
Fisher adds,
"Make people catch you, don't let them catch up to you. Don't even look back. Don't worry about what they do."
A new batch of Seminoles look to make their mark on the program with the start of spring practice just a few weeks away.
"To keep the swagger and the confidence, but to go back to square one and develop its own identity and its own chemistry. I think that's what they have to remember. Don't get caught up in the result, go back to the process that we got last year. Keep that same confidence with a little bit of swagger you have, and believe in yourself."

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