Colquitt County's Switch Pitcher

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Moultrie, GA - To Aubrey McCarty, the switch is seamless. Opponents do a double take when he's on the mound. Sometimes, in between hitters, he effortlessly transforms from a righty into a lefty.

"I'm naturally left-handed," McCarty said, "but I've always played baseball right-handed because my dad rodeoed and he was right-handed roping and everything. And he didn't know how to teach me left-handed."

The Colquitt County senior started pitching with his left arm at 11 years old. He hurt his right arm in the 7th grade and that's what he called the "turning point" into his ambidextrous future.

"There's no telling how many buckets I had to throw left-handed, just over and over and over again," he said. "I mean, to this day, I still have to throw a lot left-handed."

Packers Head Coach Tony Kirkland took over the program in McCarty's freshman season.

"I heard about him beforehand," Kirkland said. "And like anything else I was skeptical of a kid that can throw both ways."

At 6'4", he can hit 92 mph with his right arm. With his left, he's been clocked as high as 85 mph.

McCarty uses a specialized glove custom-made by Mizzuno. There's a thumb on each side and an extra pinky.

Entering his senior season, McCarty received 15 college offers. Six months ago, he signed a scholarship with Vanderbilt.

"Even today I wake up and think I'm going to Vanderbilt. It's a great thing," he said.

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