Daly Makes Impression at Classic

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Valdosta, GA - As John Daly surveys the Kinderlou golf course for the first time, reality sets in. He's not the same player anymore and the Web.com Tour is an indication of that.

"It's a place for us to play as we're getting older and our status isn't as good as we want it to be," Daly said. "To be able to have a place to play is more than an honor more than anything."

Daly will turn 47 on Sunday. His last PGA Tour win came nine years ago.

But, he still has one of golf's most electrifying swings. Nicknamed "Long John" for his titanic drives, this tournament could be Daly's rise back to the top.

"I've always said if there was 14 holes I'd be the greatest player that ever played," he quipped. "I've struggled this year with big numbers. Some of it's been bad shots. Some of its been bad breaks."

"This course will fit his game perfect. As well as he chips and putts and drives it," said Hudson Swafford, a Tallahassee native and Georgia alum who is playing in his second South Georgia Classic. "He'll be around, he'll be near the leaderboard on the weekend and he'll for sure draw a crowd."

The crowd will follow Daly, even if it's for his unique style. And he emphasized that it will be unique.

"It will be loud," he laughed.

And his game will just as loud. But, he admits, he'll only play well if he can find his confidence.

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