Earl Holmes Visits WCTV

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Earl Holmes is preparing for his first full season as Head Football Coach at FAMU. He took time out of his busy schedule to join me live on set for the 6 o'clockk sports. Even answered a Twitter question from one of our viewers.

Coach Holmes has hit the pavement here of . Why go door-to-door in the local community?

"We talk about retoring pride, just talking about just getting that old Rattler tradition back, getting those guys ready to play football as well as the fans. Getting people excited about the new lifestyle and how the thrill is back on the hill," Holmes said.

Next week the Rattlers will attend the MEAC media days. So what do you take away from that?


"That's a time when our coaches get a chance to brag on the team, get a chance to brag on the incoming freshman as well as the guys who actually gained some experience from last year to this year so that is the time when the coaches kind of laid back and brag about the upcoming season," Holmes said.

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