Early Start to Training

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Tallahassee, FL -July 27,2012

Trevor Wilson, 11, has worked out at Success Athletic Training for the past year. But his sports dreams materialized way before that.

"My ultimate goal is to make it to the pros and play for at least six years," said Wilson, a Tallahassee native.

There are kids at SAT, even at six years old, who share the same vision.

"Coming here when we smaller will help us get better when we older," said Dozier Harrell, Jr.

Mark Liles, the President of SAT, doesn't see a downside.

"From my experience, there's no bad side at all," Liles said, "because they get a chance, like I said earlier, to improve their skills, to learn how to control their body and also they get a chance to see how older kids work."

The parents of these pre-teens say they're not there to push them, but to support their interests.

"You have to pay attention to your kids and, I think for lack of a better term, spend time with your kids in order to understand what they require in order to be kids," said Robert Wilson, the father of Trevor and a former NFL player.

So, if stronger and faster is what these kids wants, the only one stopping them is themselves.

"If you learn your lessons at a young age," Trevor Wilson said, "you will know them as you get older, and hard work pays off, so..."

It's an early start, but one way Wilson can reach his goal.

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