East Gadsden: Another Run of Success

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Havana, FL - Hasaan Buggs didn't expect his senior year at East Gadsden to be a slam dunk.

"We started off better than I thought we would because we were such a young team," he said. "There was only four seniors with major roles. So, a lot of people stepped up."

The Jaguars are 17-3 (as of January 28th), which is good for first in the Class 4A, District two.

Almost the entire starting lineup is scoring, on average, in double figures.

"This team does not quit," Head Coach Demetric Salters said. "They keep coming back and back again and, like I said, the quality of depth has really helped us out."

Salters is in his ninth season as Head Coach of the Jaguars.

"Right now just getting them to stay consistent is the biggest challenge for me," said Salters, who led the Jags to an undefeated season in 2007-08.

East Gadsden has not reached the Final Four in six years. But they're reminded of it every day they walk into the gym with two banners hanging on the wall.

"I think we did great so far," junior guard Nicholas Byrd said. "I think we just need to keep our focus and not get too overconfident."

Especially one week before the playoffs.

"Playoffs is 0-0," said Buggs, a senior forward. "Regular season doesn't matter. So as long as we finish strong and get a strong start in the playoffs, I think we'll go all the way."

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