Eye on Business: Minor League Baseball President in Tallahassee

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"We are much more sophisticated than we used to be. The stakes are higher, clubs cost more than they used to, but at the core is what's not changed is we are affordable family entertainment," said Pat O'Conner, Minor League Baseball President.

"We are here for customer service. We have new sparkling buildings to service fans and players. It's changed in a lot of ways and at its core, it's still America's Past Time. It's still family entertainment and it's a safe environment for mom, dad, kids, grandma, and grandpa."

"I don't think Tallahassee ever gets off of anyone's radar screen with two universities here. that is an asset and a liability all the same. I think that it is always on our radar as a lot of geographic appeal. It's right here on I-10, convenient to east and west. There will always be an incredible amount of interest. But back to the core of your question, we don't have anything going on in Tallahassee, but I'm sure that conversation is never too far off of too many peoples minds."

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