FAMU Football 101: Women's Camp

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Tallahassee, FL - Training camp is about a month away, but the FAMU coaches were back in the film room on Saturday morning.

Their students aren't the Rattlers you'll see on gameday. Instead they'll be the Rattlers you see in the stands.

About 60 women took a three hour training course at the Al Lawson center, hosted by the FAMU football coaching staff, to learn the basics of the game.

"Oh, it was fantastic. More than I expected," Dr. Leila Walker said. "I determined that I can be a linebacker, but not a running back or a wide receiver."

First, they were separated into two room: offense and defense. After about 45 minutes they switched.

Then the coaching staff brought them down to the Al Lawson gym and put them through various football drills. They practiced tackling, catching and running. Eventually, the day ended with a carefully monitored seven-on-seven.

"Football is confusing," Charisse Fuller said. "The X's and the O's and the plays. It's a lot more in your head than just physical, it's mental. So I did learn a lot about that today."

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