FSU Boosters Announce National Championship Tickets Sold Out

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By: Bailey Myers
December 11th, 2013

Tallahassee FL- Many FSU boosters are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to find out if they were able to get the tickets they wanted.

We've been told boosters will find out either tonight or tomorrow whether or not they are going to the National Championship. Florida State Fans put in their requests through FSU Boosters once they found out the team was up for a national title. More than 34 thousand tickets were requested, but only 20 thousand will be sold.

All the tickets through the University Boosters have already been requested.They will buy tickets at the face value of 325 dollars or 385 dollars. The University's ticketing department told us they can't make everyone happy but fortunatley there are alternatives.

FSU Assistant Director of Athletics Rob Wilson explained, "So there are going to be a lot more people looking on the outside looking in. But at least you get national television at least you get national exposure of seeing Florida State. Keep at it maybe you will get a ticket. We hope the fans that do get into the stadium cheer like crazy for the seminoles."

We were told the decision process on who gets all the tickets they requested depended on booster points. The more you donate and participate the more points you get so those people with more points would have priority. We were also told the stadium hosting the championship can hold around 90 thousand people. FSU told us they expect third party ticket sales to provide an opportunity to other Seminoles and Auburn fans to buy tickets.

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