FSU Fans Await Number 5 Jersey

September 5, 2013
By Julie Montanaro

FSU fans anxious to don a number 5 jersey in the wake of the Noles big win on Monday will have to wait.

The university did not have Jameis Winston's jersey on its licensed to print list, but in the last 48 hours that has all changed.

If you walk into Garnet and Gold, you'll find plenty of FSU jerseys, but none with the number 5.

Customers have been asking for them since freshman phenom quarterback Jameis Winston wowed a national tv audience and set a school record against Pitt Monday night.

"Everyone is looking for a number 5, especially after the game. It was just wonderful to watch and we hope to get it soon," said Garnet and Gold Markeing Manager Austin Moore.

Here's the hold up. FSU's Associate Athletic Director says the university authorizes its licensed to print list with Nike six to eight months in advance.

But at the time there was no frontrunner at quarterback, so the number five wasn't on it.

After the spring game, it still wasn't on it.

Assciate Athletic Director Rob Wilson said Nike received requests from retailers then and approached FSU about making the number 5 jerseys, but FSU didn't okay it.

After Monday night's game, Wilson said, Nike asked for permission to produce those number 5 jerseys and got it.

RagZ, a Tallahassee owned shop, asked for permission to start printing too.

"When you're hot, you're hot and so it's time to put the product out there," RagZ owner Mike Rupp Said.

Its design was approved Wednesday and it had t-shirts on the press by Thursday afternoon.

"After the game, there was a lot of attention on a new favorite player and maybe Wednesday we figured out this was going to be important," Rupp said.

Rupp says the t-shirts - by NCAA rule - can only have a number, not a name. This batch of number 5's, 600 of them to start, will hit some local stores by days end and others by the time doors open in the morning.

T-shirts will be on the shelf right away but it could be weeks before those Nike jerseys make it to local stores.

FSU'S Trademark Licensing Director Sherri Dye says FSU gets a 10% cut of the wholesale price of all licensed merchandise and that will go up to 12% later this year.

Dye says the royalties are used to pay off the athletic facilities bond debt.

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