FSU Football Back On The Field

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The wait is over. The National Champions are officially back on the football field.

The team, in shorts and helmets for the first day of practice. Head Coach Jimbo Fisher met with the media before practice, happy with the way the spring and summer went.

"It's the second year on defense of exactly the system we're running so I think the knowledge of that is increased so I think the young guys even know more because the older guys can help them," said Fisher.

"I mean sometimes going in last year early, the older guys couldn't help them because they we're learning it for the first time too. When you got a guy in front of you whose doing it right, that he can explain little things to help you I mean it just makes things that much easier," said Fisher.

The players will tell you the same thing. Leadership is going to be a key role in this years team.

"Coming in now, it's definitely a lot easier, definitely a bigger leader role, being the head back. But I'm still learning myself, just trying to perfect the game and going through camp and hopefully it will reflects the season," said senior running back Karlos Williams.

"It's a lot better than last year day one. Everybody pretty much knows what to do. We are all just out there flying around having fun, and making plays," said red-shirt junior safety Tyler Hunter.

"I'm a guy out here that likes to come out and work hard. Those guys see the things that I'm doing and I'm just trying to teach them to do it the right way as well. So we can have more than just myself or any other guy that's pretty good on this team. You want all your players to be good," said senior wide receiver Rashad Greene.

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