FSU Seniors Wanting To Go Out A Winner

FSU UF Football Rivalry to Attract Visitors
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Florida State seniors plan on going out a winner.

We never went to a big bowl, this is our first BCS Bowl," FSU senior running back Lonnie Pryor said.

"Ever since I've been here, I've wanted to go to a BCS Bowl, I've wanted to win one," FSU senior kicker Dustin Hopkins said.

The 'Noles have their chance at the Orange Bowl. It'll give them 12 wins if they come out on top, something one ly done twice in school history. Only thing standing in their way, number 15 Northern Illinois.

"Down in Miami, South Beach. You can't beat that so it's going to be a good time so I'm glad it's my last year and I'm going out and doing it with these boys," Pryor said.

"To be able to finish there with an AC Championship and if we finish the way we wanted to with a win, Orange Bowl Champions it'll be just very rewarding knowing where we've come from," Hopkins said.

EJ Manuel can make history. His 'Noles are perfect in the postseason during his career.

I think my dad mentioned that to me when I was home. I'm looking forward to it because if you can have a 4-0 record and win championships, that say's a lot. Says enough in itself. Gotta keep that streak going," FSU senior quarterback EJ Manuel said.

Nole are not playing for a national championship but they are not hanging their heads.

This is my fourth year here and this is my first time winning the ACC. Just the things we accomplished this year," Pryor said.

We lost those two games and we hate losing but I think the games we needed to win like this and other games like pivotal games like Clemson and things like that Virginia Tech. I still think it's a successful season.

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