FSU Men's Cross Country Team Rocks "Stachies For Nashies"

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The FSU Men's Cross Country team has brought back the 'stache! But this isn't due to any new fashion statement- or to help pick up the ladies..

"The guys at Flotrack just made a competition called Stachies for Nashies." says Junior Seth Proctor.

"Our guys decided that would look silly for I guess its been most of the season."

" It seemed like Ciaran was the first to jump on that boat, I might have been the first to take off with the stache idea. "

After that the whole team embraced it.. even Coach Braman..

"They kept bothering me and bothering me and were like hey coach, you know your not loyal your not bought it, So i said you guys win ACC's, which we've never done, and ill join in, well here you go. " says Coach Bob Braman.

The guys say the stashes have really helped unite them as a team.. but in the class room its a little different.

" Your that dirty looking kid in the class so its not that fun." adds Senior Justin Harbor.

"A professor asked me to stand on one side of the class because he cant stand looking at me and being serious."

But even with the looks they still lead the competition

" We are ranked number one in the nation for our mustaches...who is number two... who cares... " says Sophomore Wes Rickman

The mustaches have really given the team a boost this season, but once everything is said and done, the staches will be no more.

"I'm just waiting for the day that I get to shave it off." says Coach Braman.

"Its going to be a race. We'll probably do it in the airport on the way home "

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