Fans Gear Up for ESPN GameDay [SLIDE SHOW]

Tallahassee, FL - September 21, 2012 9:30 pm

There's a huge frenzy going on in Tallahassee this weekend. All of the hype is about the big football game.

FSU takes on Clemson on their home turf, and fans are excited.

Although fans at the downtown getdown are having fun, many fans and students have been ready to get down since this morning.

The big game is tomorrow, and ESPN's College Game Day is already set up at FSU, getting fans extra excited.

Mark Addington and his 10-year-old son have a sign that says, "Put me on TV."

Mark Addington, FSU Fan: "We're really excited about it."

Their sign was actually for ESPN, and looking in the left bottom corner of the jumbotron, it appears that they actually made it on air.

The sports channel's popular show, "College Game Day" is at FSU for Saturday's FSU-Clemson football game.

Mark Addington, FSU Fan: "it's going to be awesome. Florida State's going to win. It's going to be a great day. Game Day is here."

FSU Seniors Alexis Berman and Lauren Bell are camping out Friday to be a part of the action on Saturday.

Bell says this game is not only about a school rivalry but a family one as well, as her sister graduated from Clemson.

Lauren Bell, FSU Student: "I told her, I hate hunting, but, I'm going to enjoy a tiger getting spreared this weekend."

Some fans had Seminoles gear on from head to toe, and with a full day of activities Friday, fans couldn't help but be hyped.

Shayla Jackson, FSU Fan: "Super excited. We have signs and everything. So, we will be out here."

Robin Ahrberg, FSU Fan: "I just think it really pumps up Tallahassee."

R.J. Anderson & Nick Rivers, FSU Students: "Losing last year, that wasn't fun. Now, they're coming here. We're the favorite here, home game. It's going to be awesome."

ESPN College Game Day is set up on Langford Green at FSU, but, of course, a lot of the Seminole Spirit action is going on down here at the Downtown Getdown.

Tallahassee, FL - September 21, 2012

There's a lot of spirit in the air... Seminole spirit that is!
Fans are all geared up for this weekend's FSU-Clemson football game.

They are setting up right now for the downtown getdown tonight and fans are ready to get down.
FSU fans are excited about tomorrow's game against clemson. Campus is going wild right now.

ESPN College Game Day is on campus. FSU students and fans are on Langford Green where the show is set up. Students are participating in games and competitions to win free backstage passes for College Game Day. Some students say they are camping out tonight to get a good spot in hopes of being seen on the popular sports show.

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