Florida State's "Red Lightning" Strikes Millions

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Tallahassee, FL -- Even if he didn't work for Florida State, Frankie Grizzle-Malgrant would stand out. You can't miss his red curly hair and bushy beard.

The ball boy has ascended to legendary status as "Red Lightning."

"If you can call it a legend, you can call it a legend, it started the week of Syracuse...and now it's blown up," said Grizzle-Malgrant.

His "Red Lightning Highlight Reel" video has exceeded more than a million hits on YouTube. He's actually become so popular, that his likeness can be purchased on a t-shirt. But the Florida State junior is using his fame for a better cause.

"OneFloridaDynasty.com contacted me and wanted to make a t-shirt and asked me if I would want the money or to go to a charity and I said 'no way.' Every penny that's involved with me or that shirt, I want it to go to Kidz 1st Fund," he said.

Kidz 1st Fund is Jimbo and Candi Fisher's charity that helps to raise money and awareness for Fanconi Anemia, a disorder that Jimbo's son has. The sales of the shirts have helped to raise more than $5,000, and has caused a pre-Christmas back order that extends to the second week of January.

While some people may view him as a goofy looking guy on the sidelines with red hair, he should be viewed as a model. A model teammate who stepped between Jameis Winston and a Duke defender during the ACC Championship game, and a model person that defines selflessness in the spotlight.

"I'm not legendary, I'm not doing anything special, I'm just doing my job, like we all are. If it's what's making people happy than that's what I'm all about. I want to make people happy, and if me running around on a football field is making people happy, than I'm all for it."

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