Former FSU Safety Jujan Harley Takes Football Career To Middle Tennessee

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We sat down with former Florida State safety and Rickards Alum Jujuan Harley as he revealed where he's chosen to continue his football career.

You've shopped around, you've had to look at schools around the country. So, tell us, Where have you decided to go?

"Well after getting a nice bit of offers, pretty much like high school.
You know I've got some big time schools showing interest, Arkansas University, Illinois, Southern Miss and stuff like that, but unfortunately, I though that I already spent time at the big time universities and I thought I would explore some where else, stay in D1, with a smaller school that faces big time schools. And the school that I decided to go to was Middle Tennessee." Says Jajuan.

"The thing that stuck with me was coach Stock. Coach Stock played under coach Bowden, Bobby Bowden and you can tell, his coaching style is just like him. He's a players coach. It's tough, really tough leaving my family home, my mom and dad we're very close and brother, but like my dad told me, now days we've got the internet, web-cam, text messaging and everything. So, I mean I'm just going to have to walk by faith and know that everything is going to be ok."

Harley leaves for school on January 13th.

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