Franklin Makes A Difference

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On the field Florida State has a nice blend of youth and vetrerans. One of the key positions, Quarterback. We know what Famous Jameis can do, but behind him there could be another star in the making.

"Sitting out this year has been one of the toughest, not playing the sport you love for a year, even though you are around it but not actually being able to play it in a game is hard but to hear them, to know what Im doing is big to them the coaches, that means a lot,"John Franklin III said.

Sound familiar, freshman John Franklin III redshirted this season so he could learn behind a Heisman Trophy winner.

"When you love this game so much and you have to sit a whole year off that kind of hits you int othe heart and thats kind of a reality check, hey bro you were sitting the bench last year," Jameis Winston said.

Like Winston Franklin is a two sport athlete, also a member of the FSU track team as a sprinter. He's learning a lot from winston.

"Since the first week I got here Jameris took me under his wing, showed me everything I need to know and told me this is the hardest thing you will ever have to do just sitting out and he said don't wait to play prepare to play. I've been in the film room just as much as he has," Franklin III said.

If winston leaves after next year Franklin could get his shot as a sophomore. He's mentally ready.

"I take it as if Im a starter, just to contribute to them is just big to me," Franklin III said.

The young quarterback already has repect from his teammates. He played the role of Auburn Quarterback Nick Marshall in the practices leading up to the national championship. His talents wowed them.

"Franklin man he's just,he does just a great job of hiding the ball, getting the ball off, giving the DB's different looks. He just does a real good job of simulating the offense," Timmy Jernigan said.

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