Gnarly Gnoles Skate To Success

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The Gnarly Gnoles are an FSU Longboarding team.

Last year FSU had only 75 members, not the squad has grown to about 200 members.

I can see why, this is cool stuff. These camera angles are from a helmet cam, attached to one of the Gnarly Gnoles.

These guys are getting pretty low to the ground. Even used a stick camera, to get you an even more close-up angle.

The adrenaline is pumping for these guys, this is what they had to say about the sport.

"Its a feeling you cant describe youron a magic carpet going down a hill with 6 or 7 o7 of your buddies.and a lot of times your up in th emountains and there is picturesque scenery and your literally floating down a mountain sharin gthe thrill with all your friends and people are looking at you like youre insane," Gnarly Gnoles member Prescott Majette said.

"It has its challenges has different theres fdifferent blemishes different elevation different pavements every time its a new adventrue youll never have the same run twice even if you skate the hill a hundred times," Gnarly Gnoles member Steven Atkins said.

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