Godby Alum Wiggins Talks NCAA Tournament

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Wichita, KS - He doesn't call it a "signature" anymore. It's officially an autograph. Godby alum Nick Wiggins and the rest of the Wichita State Shockers have become celebrities on campus.

"You walk into class, you get standing ovations," he said.

Wiggins is part of one of the most dominant seasons in college basketball history. The Shockers are 34-0, coming off a Missouri Valley Conference title. The Toronto, Canada native says he never imagined being apart of this when he was a senior at Godby four years ago.

"When I left Godby, I was just thinking about going to a good junior college program," said Wiggins, who would attend Wabash Valley (Ill.) College for his first two years. "Never did I imagine I was going to be on a team like this, or a team that goes perfect throughout a regular season, 'cause you know that kind of stuff is unheard of. It only happens once in a blue moon. So to be a part of this is very special."

Wiggins calls himself the "glue guy." He doesn't start, but he's played in every game, averaging 5.1 points and 2.3 rebounds per game.

"I keep everyone together in the locker room," he said. "Just laughing, joking around, telling guys not to take things too serious. Some games I'll play 22 minutes, some games I'll play 12 minutes. But that never discourages me. I know that they believe in me and when they need me for a big moment they're not scared to call my name."

And they have called his name many times throughout the regular season. But it's a schedule that has only one Top-25 team.

"It's not our fault for not having as much competition in our league," Wiggins said. "The only thing we can control is how great we play together and how efficient we are on the court and how good we are that night. We're not gonna overlook anybody. That's not the type of team we have. We show respect to every team. We're gonna scout them, watch film on them just like we would any other team and, you know, we're gonna try to play our best basketball."

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