Godby Wins First Title Since 1987

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A lot can happen in one second, especially from where I'm standing. it appears to be a simple chip shot for an extra point but for Immokalee that didn't happen. That extra point could have sent the game to overtime but instead the kick was botched, the sideline for Godby, celebration began. Their first state championship since 1987.

"Coach Forrest was on the '87 team.I think they won it back to back so he just told us if we're focused and wanted it we'll win," Godby senior running back Khalid Thomas said.

And it was that will that helped the Cougars prevail. They got a dfensive stop to what appeared to have won the game...only to have a penalty give the Indians another a chance.. achance they took advantage of by scoring a td with just second remaing setting a flare for the dramatics

"It was chaotic. There was refs running around the field nobody knew what to do but our job is not referee but to play football and we were focused on hitting the guys in the mouth and doing our job," Godby senior linebacker Luke Helms said.

The Cougars certainly buckled down and now the time is theirs.

"I'm speechless," Thomas said.
"I'm so proud of y'all," Cottrell told his team.
"It hasnt kicked in but it feels good, though," Godby Junior Quarterback JT Bradwell said.

"I got dunked twice over here so Im still trying to dry but it was a great win. a very, very sweet victory, we're going to enjoy it for a long time," Cottrell said.
What's the gatorade taste like? What flavor.?
"Mine was yellow, green and yellow this time," a smiling Cottrell said.

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