Godby Cougars Regroup for 2012 Season

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Tallahassee, FL -- Godby head coach Ronnie Cottrell said he had never seen anything like his 2012 senior class. Six players signing with major division one football programs.

"We had a lot of good leaders last year, and they did a good job at setting an example and it just makes you want to set a better example than what they set," says senior linebacker Luke Helms.

"They took care of us a lot, they showed more good leadership a lot," Godby junior defensive back Deion Singleton says. "They made sure we're doing our thing, doing our work, getting in and doing the right things."

Now, the Cougars are finding a way to fill the space left by that class.

"A lot of things have to come together to have a great team, and one of the biggest things is to have an outstanding summer program. We're trying to take care of that right now," says head coach Ronnie Cottrell.

The Cougars have had time to think about how to reload. An early elimination from the playoffs, means a longer offseason.

"We've been waiting a long time to get on the field," Singleton adds. "It's going to feel great to see the new guys step up."

"On one hand it was a great year last year, on the other it was very disappointing," Cottrell adds. "We've reminded them of that all summer because we did get an early exit from the playoffs."

The Cougars will see how well the summer work has paid off when camp opens August 6th.

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