Godby's Knight Wins A State Title In Wrestling

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Godby Senior MaShawn Knight is Tallahassee's third ever wrestling state champion.

At 285 lbs., he won Florida's Class 1A Heavyweight title.

A proud moment for Knight, who was told he was a longshot at winning a state title.

"You couldn't write a better story than this, you couldn't. This is a movie story right here. So coming in, there was a poll that said I had a six percent chance of winning the state title and I did it, I worked hard and I did it," Knight said.

Knight certainly did it.

He had his coach Chuck Kilbourn jump for joy. If you watch video from the title match you can watch Coach jump for joy once Knight was declared the winner.

"After 13 years you kind of want it and we've had a lot of great wrestlers that could've won it but sometimes you just have to catch some breaks but he took 5th last year he took 5th at state and over the summer he did multiple tournaments. He did his work, put his nose to the grindstone and kept grinding it out all offseason," Kilbourn said.

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