Going Inside The Dugout With The Chiles Timberwolves

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Chiles baseball is getting ready for a semifinal baseball matchup with Venice. Before the big game, we went inside the dugout with the Timberwolves.

"We're probably one of the funniest groups of people you'll meet," Chiles junior infielder Hagan Michael said.

This fun bunch of Chiles Timberwolves are howling their way to a state championship. They are just 2 wins away from Florida's Class 7A title and these T-Wolves are loose and ready to go.

"I'm Hagan Micael and this is Hagan's corner and we're interviewing "Jake Taddeo" and our first question, do you have any superstitions?" asked Michaels.

"I like to wear a new pair of socks every game," Chiles sophomore utility player Taddeo said.

"Every game? Does that get expensive?" asked Michaels.

"No I like to keep then fresh I have practice sox and game sox," Taddeo respnded.

All kidding aside, Chiles is for real, sort of a surprise team.

"As coach said, "That's baseball." Obviously we started a little slow to begin the season but like you said we turn it on when it matters and we're swinging it right now," Chiles junior infielder Tyler Beal said.

They can hit. In three state tournament games, they've outscored opponents 33-8 in those victories.

"It's just a mentality I guess and reps we get reps out here working hard every day and when you work hard it pays off. There's no special recipe for me not striking out. I swing I guess," a smiling Beal added.

And they can certainly pitch. Two shutouts during that span led by a pitcher named Boomer.

"I've been told I become a differe guy when I'm on there sometimes, more vocal. Try to get them pumped up. You know they they seem to respond when I'm on there," Chiles senior pitcher Boomer Biegalski said.

This team could've folded when one of their leaders was kicked off the team for reasons detrimental to the team. Instead they they became a more cohesive unit.

"I feel like we do have new leaders that stepped up and we started hitting the ball as a team and so we're all just kind of putting as one
and playing our best ball right now," Biegalski said.

"I don't really think there is a group like us out there truefully. We always say if we had a camera crew following us around like we did today that we'd have have our own tv show," Michael said.

Then asking Taddeo "Wouldn't you agree?"

"I just think we should put a pitch in in for our TV show," Taddeo suggested.

"Chiles Baseball," Michael added.

"Exactly," Tadded said smiling.

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