Guardian Caps Supports Georgia's Return to Play Act

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Georgia based Guardian Caps, makers of an innovative soft-shell football cover, has come out in support of the “Return to Play Act of 2013” that will require Georgia public and private schools to establish a concussion policy and recreation leagues to provide information on concussions.

House Bill 284 focuses on concussion education and protecting young athletes after they suffer a concussion.

“Concussions are a scary reality in sports today. We’re starting to hear stories from former NFL players about the hard hits to the head they took in their football years, and about the effects, not only while they were playing, but also throughout their lives off the football field,” said Guardian CEO Lee Hanson. Hanson added, “We support all initiatives that are aiming to help concussed players and return to play rules, but someone needs to be proactive and do something for the kids in order to better protect them while playing. We are being proactive and reducing the impact of all of the blows to the head. We’re helping to better protect all players on the field. Technique is key, better rules are needed, and the best equipment is imperative.”

Georgia is one of only six states without a youth concussion law. HB 284 would educate players, parents and coaches on concussions. Should a player show signs consistent with a concussion, they would have to be taken out of a game and could only return after being cleared by a doctor.

Hanson says that Guardian designed its caps with this type of legislation in mind.

“The hits to the head accumulate and damage the brain. We can’t help the guys that are no longer out there playing, but we can add extra protection to the youth and high school players that are just starting their football careers. We couldn’t sit on technology that we knew worked.”

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