Havana Gladiators Travel to National Gridiron Tournament

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Quincy, FL -- Shannon Faison is the head coach of the Havana Gladiators, a team of 30, 14 year old football players from Gadsden County. Super Bowl weekend in New Orleans, the Gladiators will play in a tournament, against teams from across the country.

"I invited the best players in our area, in Gadsden County, to go and compete with the best talent in the country," says Faison.

They'll do so at the National Super Gridiron Bowl Championship Tournament.

"To go to a different place just to show everyone what we got, in Gadsden County and it's going to be very exciting because the Super Bowl is the same week," adds wide receiver Armunz Matthews.

"You can't put it no better, it's the Super Bowl," adds Markey Rivers. "Not only that, the exposure that they're actually going to get a chance to be on, the stage that they're going to be on, you don't get it no better than that."

The team was formed just a few weeks ago, but their chemistry with one another is not slowing them down.

"I know mostly everybody that plays on the team so, the only thing I can do is just be a leader of the team and help everybody get to mingling with each other," says quarterback Thomas Jones.

"The kids that are here actually want to be here," Faison adds. "They're listening, they're doing what they need to do in order to be successful when we go to New Orleans."

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