Holmes Carrying Rattler Tradition

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Tallahassee, FL - Earl Holmes could barely keep his composure at Friday's press conference. His emotions got the best of him.

For a guy nicknamed "The Hitman," the typically stoic Tallahassee native was overcome by the reality of his new job.

Holmes began thanking all the people who have affected his life from childhood to present. He proceeded to thank his wife, Tiffany, and his son, EJ. After that, several seconds of silence, his head pinned to his neck, eyes watering with tears.

"In all due honesty when you're from Tallahassee and you work as hard as I have, it'd truly paid off," he said.

The former defensive coordinator was promoted to interim last season. He took over for Joe Taylor who retired with two games remaining.

"I just kept coaching," Holmes said. "So regardless of anything that happened after that, I was just going to control what I could control and that was just being the head coach."

It's a dream he's had since childhood, playing ball at FAMU High.

"It seems like yesterday," he said. "From high school to college here to the NFL to back to here as the coordinator now the head coach, it's full circle."

Holmes believed he earned the gig in his debut with a win at homecoming.

"Ever since then I've just been working," Holmes said. "That's what it's about. We got to win some championships here."

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