House Divided - Local Noles And Gators Under One Roof

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By: Garin Flowers
November 26, 2013

Whitney and Patrick VanLandingham have been married for a little more than a year and love each other dearly. They also love their universities. Whitney went to Florida and Patrick is a big Florida State fan.

"It's a great rivalry, always will be," Whitney said.

"It's all about the rivalry and who wants it bad enough," Patrick said.

They are among the many divided households in our area and we wanted to find them all.

We put a message out on WCTV's Twitter and Facebook pages. The responses were, well, funny.

Kevin Smith said: "My wife went to UF, I went to FSU. We were married on the day of the Choke at Doak, November 26, 1994 - 19 years ago today."

Tammi Williams said: "Im a Gator he's a Nole (I knew he had "issues", but I love him anyway)"

Lastly, Greg Sutton said: "My fiance and I go so far as to leave the state so we can watch it on "neutral territory". Go Noles!"

Patrick and Whitney said they have no problem supporting each other's team, except for the Saturday after Thanksgiving each year.

"The beginning of football season every year is where it gets heated around here, we take our jabs at each other," Patrick said.

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