Jaguars Caravan Stops In Tallahassee

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"I've seen them in real life and not on TV. It's fun and exciting, I just always wanted their autographs, a couple of young Jacksonville Jaguar fans from Tallahassee said.

The Jaguars caravan stopped in Tallahassee. Fans young and old lined up, not only too see a pair of Jags, but a pair of former of former Seminoles.

"All the fans remember you because there are a lot of die-hard Seminole fans out here especially in Tallahassee," Jaguars Linebacker Geno Hayes said.

"I played my college ball here so it was great to come home and try to get them to bring some Tallahassee love over to Jacksonville," Jaguars defensive back Mike Harris said.

The fans endured the heat, waited in line for autographs, getting everything from balls to t-shirts to even pool stick cues signed.

Then their were the Facebook moments and the Instagram selfies.

The players were approachable.

"It is amazing. They are just like another person. We idolize them so much on TV, but they are regular people. It's great," Tallahassee's Hugh Ham said.

It was a day for the fans and the Jags are okay with that.

"Never gets old when someone approaches you and wants your autograph. It's an honor and a privilege and I'll do it every time," Harris said.

"It's great to be there and say I want to give that to them because especially for kids growing up, no matter who, a lot of people don't have a chance to meet guys who play in professional sports. When I get the chance, all love and respect for it," Hayes said.

"Probably appreciate it more now than I did when I was playing. When you are playing, you are in the middle of your career and think it's never going to end. I loved the fans back then but now that you can get out and spend time with them, I'm passionate about football, they're passionate about football so that makes it a lot of fun," Jaguars legend Tony Boselli said.

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